Monday 19 August 2013

OOTD & NOTD - August 19th

Hello everyone! It has been a while since I did an OOTD post! Truth be told I would always either forget to photograph what I was wearing before the evening or I would be wearing clothes I didn't think were particularly interesting! That and I've been trying to shed a few pounds; though I suppose these pictures could be a nice little documentation of that! 

Tank Top - New Look £5 Old
T-shirt - Primark £3 
Jeans - New Look £19.99 Old
Sandals - New Look - £15.99 Old

I don't know if anyone else has felt like this but the weather in England has been so confusing to dress for lately! Is it summer or is it winter? Will it rain or will it be as warm as anything whilst raining?!?! ARGH! It makes it so much more difficult to decide what to wear. 

Today I was in doing some chores as well as some writing and some general things I needed to do; so a bit of a mish-mash of a day. In a few hours I'll be heading off to the other half's to have a chilled evening and watch the Big Brother final (wild I know). So I thought I'd throw on an old pair of statement bright red jeans with a neutral beige tank top and a cotton shirt. I also decided to chuck on my sandals since its a fair walk to his and sandals are always comfy and casual! 

Sandals - New Look - £15.99 Old
Nail Polish - Collection Hot Looks in 59 Big hair - £1 from Poundland

I also look mildly obsessed with the color red since my toes are also that color! In case you were wondering my toes are painted with the Collection Hot Looks polish in the color 29 Big hair. i really need to praise New Look sandals here. I have had these sandals since 2011 I would say? They are so durable! Yes I know gladiator sandals may not be as in as they once were but I really love sandals that you know aren't going to flip flop off your feet! Especially since I do a fair bit of walking!

Nail Polish - Barry B Gelly Hi-Shine Nail Paint in the color Prickly Pear - £3.99

If you guys have checked my blog you will noticed that earlier today I posted a review of this here. This stuff seriously does not budge or chip. I am also really loving this pastel purple color at the moment!

So I hope you guys liked this combined OOTD and NOTD post! What do you find yourself wearing through this summer? Let me know in the comments!

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