Monday 10 August 2015

W7 In The City Palette - Review

W7 In The City Palette
W7 In The City Palette

Last week I reviewed the W7 In The Mood palette. It was an absolute hit for me so I thought I would continue to share the love of W7 and discuss their In The City palette which I am as equally in love with! The quality of these eye shadows is just as fantastic as the previous W7 palette I reviewed. The shades stick well, blend well and don't crease. Amazing!

W7 In The City Palette

Once again we have the same idea with this palette. A small tin containing 6 gorgeous shades. They are very similar to the shades in the In The Mood palette however they are much warmer toned. Depending on your preference to warmer/cooler tones you may only want to pick up one of these palettes or you may fall for both like I did!

W7 In The City Palette
Wigwam, Troy & Brass

Wigwam: Wigwam is the first shade in the palette and is your classic brow highlight shade. It is very warm toned so it is great for those that don't necessarily want to highlight the brow bone but want to add definition. It also makes a fantastic base for coloured shades.

Troy: Troy is a lovely light brown shade. It is perfect for an all over the lid colour.

Brass: Brass is a darker brown shade that is great for blending out colours in this palette. It is great for a subtle smoky eye.

W7 In The City Palette
Touch, Autumn & Andrea

Touch: These next three shades are much deeper than the first three and really show the warmth behind the shades in these palettes. Touch is a deeper version of Brass in my opinion. Great for a daring smoky eye.

Autumn: Autumn is similar to Touch but has a hint of the shade range we saw from Troy which makes it slightly different. I tend to choose between Touch or Autumn when creating a look as they are similar.

Andrea: Of course what would a palette be without the classic black shade. A staple and a very strong black shade.

Once again another W7 palette I have fallen in love with. I can't get over the fact that W7 and these palettes haven't received as much attention as they deserve! For £3.91 on Amazon this palette is an absolute steal! Have you joined the neutral palettes craze or are you all about the daring and bold shades? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. This palette looks so amazing! I want this palette for sooooo long!

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  2. I've never tried the W7 palettes but I think I need to after reading this. The shades are lovely.

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