Friday 3 May 2013

Seventeen On the Spot foundation review

So the other day I made an order with boots as I needed a few new things. As I went to checkout I noticed it said I would get a free sample of a product. Turns out that free product was Seventeen On the Spot foundation. I must admit I have heard of the brand Seventeen but I had never heard of the On the Spot foundation. This product claims to improve the condition of your skin in just four weeks of wearing it. So how does this product do this? Well it contains Salicylic Acid which is the active ingredient in acne treatment products. It also contains Kaolin which is found in a lot of face mask treatments. Now for my skin I wouldn't really found a product for acne treatment useful as I don't suffer from acne and my skin is pretty clear, but I thought this would be a good product for those that suffer from bad skin that still want to wear foundation and not feel it is hindering their acne or for those teenagers that are just starting with make-up that may want an acne treatment included in their foundation. It also includes SPF15 which is always a good thing!

Above: The sample packet I received of the Seventeen On the Spot foundation with SPF15

Firstly, this product as a foundation boasts that is is full coverage and let me tell you it is most definitely that! I prefer to wear foundations that are much lighter and subtle as I don't think I need full coverage but for those that suffer from acne and do what that full coverage to cover their acne this will definitely do the job. I didn't even apply concealer and on my skin it covered everything I usually have to use a concealer for. I also received a lot of complements the first day I wore this on how nice my skin looked, so in the opinion of others it must have looked nice!

Above: How the foundation appears in natural lighting

As you can tell the coverage is full and in natural light conceals beautifully. The skin colour I got given a sample of was Natural and I felt it was just a tad darker than what I would have liked. But since this was a sample I can't really complain. I can say that my skin after I took this off did appear clearer. I was fighting off the back end of one spot on my cheek and by the end of the day it had completely gone! One thing I was interested to find out when I opened this product is how it smelled, would it smell like acne creams usually do? The answer to that is faintly, but its not an overbearing or lingering smell.

Above: A swatch of the Seventeen On the Spot foundation in Neutral 

Above: The amount left from the product sample de-potted

After I had used the sample once I chose to squeeze out the product in to a contact lense case I've never used like I usually do when de-potting liquid products. Since I use minimal product and this is full coverage this will probably last me a good two weeks.

Now on to the positives and negatives;

  • Good price at 30ml for £6.99
  • Offers full coverage
  • Medicates acne
  • Solution did appear to help skin after a few applications; would be interesting to see the effects of a four week application on acne prone skin types

  • Faint smell of acne medication at first
  • May be TOO much of a coverage for acne sufferers
  • On hot days has a tendency to appear shiny 


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