Monday 6 May 2013

Rimmel Scandal Eyes review

Recentley I needed to get some new eye-liner but unfortunately my L'oreal eye-liner isn't made any-more  So I decided to go to an old favourite of the Rimmel eye-liners. I got two as I go through them so quickly but since I spent over £10 on these Rimmel products I got a free mascara with it, the mascara I got was the Rimmel Scandal Eyes mascara. As you guys know from my The Rocket and The Colossal review I am a fan of Maybelline mascaras as I love the intensity they give to the eyes, so I was interested to see if this mascara would live up! Like I said I got this for a sample but it retails for around £6.99.

Above: The Rimmel Scandal Eyes mascara

As you can see from the above picture the packaging of the Rimmel Scandal eyes is very comparable to the Maybelline mascaras that are brightly coloured and very solid and thick. So really it felt like I was using a Maybelline mascara up until this point. Since I do like that dramatic look I was hoping it would live up to Maybelline to the very end!

Above: The Rimmel Scandal eyes on the left with an image of the wand on the right

The brush is also comparable to that of the Maybelline mascaras so again so far so good in my eyes (forgive the pun). I know a lot of reviewers from researching this product said that they found the brush a bit too big and hard to work with. For those who do have shorter or thinner eyelashes I could see a struggle with this brush but since I have longer and thicker eyelashes and I prefer a bigger wand I didn't find this brush too hard to work with.

Above: Eyelashes with mascara on with eye open on the right and closed on the left

As you can tell from the lashes on the left the mascara does give an even black coating to the eyelashes and gives a good thickness to the eyelashes but as far as any lift it doesn't really give that much and makes the eyelashes point down in my opinion. If you look at the bottom lashes on the right photo they seem to have been made almost straight which is unusual for my lashes as they always usually have a bit of a curve to them. Overall I think the colour intensity is good but this mascara doesn't really add a lot of volume to heavy lashes. However in my opinion seeing it on those with thinner lashes it adds a lot more volume to those, the only annoying thing is if you have thinner or shorter lashes this wand will be very hard to work with!

Now on to the usual positives and negatives!

  • Affordable at £6.99
  • Colour pay off is good
  • Lasts for a long time, over 8 hours of wear
  • Adds lift for thin lashes
  • Is a good wand for thicker lashes
  • Doesn't add lift for thick lashes
  • Is a bad wand for those with thinner lashes

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