Sunday 19 May 2013

MUA Nail Quake review

As you guys can probably tell from my nail art posts I am massively in to painting my nails. All of my nail polishes are usually drug store brands as I go through them so quickly it seems a waste to spend £12 on a bottle I will go through in a month rather than £2/3 that will also last a month. Last year when I was too busy to do my nails and I needed quick looks that left an impact I found these - the MUA Nail Quake range. I know what you are thinking, another MUA review! Yes! I love their range!

The MUA Nail Quake polish range are basically shatter or crackle nail polishes. For those of you that don't know this is a specially designed nail varnish you paint over a base coat of colour and as it dries cracks form on the nail.

The price of these products are £2.99 and are also now available in a glitter range. They are available to buy from Superdrug MUA stands if you live in the UK or available for on-line order here. The none glitter nail quakes are available in the colours black, silver, purple, blue, light pink and dark pink. The glitter variation of this product is available in a coral orange and a green variation  I will be reviewing the black, silver and purple Nail Quake polishes.
Above: The three MUA Nail Quakes I have used, from left to right; Jailbreak, Shattered Ice and Broken arrow

As you can see above I have tried three of the MUA Nail Quake range (Forgive their dirtyness I have used them for a while). I find myself reaching for Jailbreak (black) most often to go over any colour polish to make it match with most clothing I wear. This means I can have a flash of colour shining through my nails. I use Shattered Ice (silver) over the colour black usually or even the colour white if I am going for a cooler look. For a look that is similar to ice I use a cool blue with the silver also with a hint of glitter over the top - a definite Christmas look! Whereas the purple I've found just mostly goes with black and again adds that fleck of colour.

Above: The three MUA Nail Quakes I have used

As you can see from the above pictures the polishes are a tad smaller that the normal nail polish size at 10ml however since you only need one stroke of this on the nail at a time as apposed to how you normally apply nail varnish with multiple brush strokes, the product lasts a long time! Lets put it this way I have had all three products coming up to a year and a half and they haven't gone thick in consistency. Now on to the application of the product!

Above: How to apply the product

First step is to apply the base colour you want to shine through. For me I applied yellow with an orange accent finger. I then chose the Nail Quake/ Crackle nail polish I wanted to use on top. I chose the black Jailbreak version. The next is to quickly apply a layer of the Nail Quake over the colour; as you can see even before I took the picture quickly it had already begun to crack! The third step is to just wait till the nail polish has fully cracked on the nail! The bottom right photo shows the effect of the Nail quake over the colour without a top coat.

Application tips!

  • Apply a thick layer of the Nail Quake for thinner cracks
  • Apply a thinner layer of the Nail Quake for thicker cracks
  • Make sure the base colour is completely dry before applying the Nail Quake 

Above: The finished look

I finished my look by applying a coat of glitter (Disco Ball by Rimmel London) to give that sparkle I like to add to all my nail polish looks! Then I applied NYC in Classy-Glassy, which I have reviewed here, as a top coat. I also used this as my base coat for this look.

And there you have it you're done! I feel like these polishes are great for a look that is eye catching but is quick and easy to do. They are perfect I find for when you want to have a nail polish quickly before a night out or if you want a long lasting nail look to wear during the week. Its also a subtle way to introduce colour in to your look!

Now on to the positives and negatives as usual;

  • Cheap at £2.99!
  • Quick, product takes about 30 seconds to fully crack
  • Creates a look that looks detailed but takes second!
  • Easily available to those in the UK in Superdrug and on-line order
  • The only negative I see is that for those living in other countries they can only order on-line  But totally worth it!

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  1. I haven't tried these by MUA, their only type of polish I've not used, as I'm not massive on crackle polishes but these look pretty good! May pick one up sometime and see how I get on with it :)

    1. They are good if you use a good base colour! Thank you for following my blog also!