Monday 13 May 2013

Rimmel Professional Eyebrow Pencil

So I never used to use an eyebrow pencil, I used to do such subtle make-up that was natural, no eye-liner  hardly any mascara and some foundation. However when I started doing my eyes in a dark strong way I realised it was washing out my eyebrows slightly. Since I dye my hair black my naturally dark eyebrows (which is weird because I'm naturally bleach blonde) my eyebrows already match my hair colour and much like my hair they are slightly thick. However I like to use an eyebrow pencil to intensify my eyebrows and to tint the eyebrows slightly darker so it matches my hair and eyes even more. 

This eyebrow pencil is from Rimmel and is available pretty much everywhere where there is a Rimmel stand! This product currently retails at £2.99! £2.99 for this product is a steel in my opinion and you will see why! It comes in the colours black, dark brown and hazel so less of a variety of the lighter shades but perfect for those of us in need of a darker shade eyebrow pencil.

Above: Rimmel Eyebrow Pencil

As you can see the eyebrow pencil comes in roughly the same size as your average Kohl eye-liner pencil. It also comes with a brush on the lid so if you want to blend the eyebrows out or brush them out you can, however I prefer to use the eyebrow brush that I have in my make-up set as this pencil I tend to chuck in my make-up bag and handbag and I wouldn't want any type of dirt going near my eye. But I like the idea they've placed that on the lid for portability and for 2.99 you can hardly argue with it! With it being a similar size to a Kohl pencil as-well it is also very portable if you want to chuck it in your bag like I do.

Above: On the left a close up of the brush on the lid of the pencil and the right the pencil itself

As you can see even though the colour is black its not a ridiculously unnatural looking intense black. Mine is worn down but I feel like having it worn down rather than fully sharpened allows for it to better blend into the eyebrows naturally and greater a more natural look. The product also seems to last a while, I've been using this pencil for 6 months and I have yet to sharpen it! So once again for £2.99 the longevity of this product is amazing!

Above: A close up of the look the pencil gives

On my hand I thought I would give you an impression of how the eyebrow pencil works and how it appears on bare skin underneath the eyebrows. I also drew it in an eyebrow shape so you could see how it is easily able to be applied under the eyebrow and able to be used to create angled lines and shading. To me this colour underneath the eyebrow is enough to make them look fuller and have a dark tint to them without overpowering it with an obvious Kohl type line underneath the brow. Like I said I don't go for a strong obvious drawn on brow look, I just go for a subtle touch up for the brows to make them look and appear neat and strong against . On to the staying power of this product, this pencil lasts for about 8 hours wear, with it slightly fading towards the 8 hour mark. For £2.99 you can't argue with it! Overall for those wanting a no fuss eyebrow pencil like me this is perfect. Luckily I'm blessed enough to have good eyebrows that only need a slight touch up!

Now onto the positives and negatives!


  • Cheap!
  • Available in three colours
  • Long lasting wear
  • One pencil lasts a long time
  • A no fuss product
  • A great starter pencil
  • For those wanting a clear drawn on look or a bolder appeal maybe not the best pencil for this look

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