Monday 13 May 2013

How to: Vitamin E mask

My how to of Marbled nails seemed to go down quiet well so I thought I would do another how to! This next one is along the theme of skincare; a vitamin E mask. As we all know vitamin E is very good for the skin, so vitamin E in the rawest form is really good for the skin, or at least it has been to be! I would recommend this to those of you that maybe have acne scarring or any form of scarring or those of you that wan't some softer skin and to diminish fine lines or ageing lines! This mask doesn't have to go on the face so play around with it! Now lets get on with it and list what you will need!

What you will need:

  • Vitamin E in capsule form - it has to be capsule form so you can cut the capsule open 
  • Scissors, preferably small scissors like nail scissors to cut the capsule
  • A small case such as an old contact lense case to place the serum in

Above: Vitamin E capsules in capsule form

1) Firstly go out and get yourself some vitamin E capsules, it is important they are capsules so they have vitamin E inside in a gel like consistency. As you can see I have high strength but it can be any vitamin E capsule you can get your hands on, Usually on average up to 100 can cost up to £5 so its not too much as one capsule usually gets one full mask out of it. 

Above: The vitamin E Capsule

2) I usually put one amount of liquid capsule into a tight case at a time, so the mask does not go off or collect in the container if I don't use it quick enough, but if you would like to put multiple in a case for multiple masks it is entirely your decision. I would recommend one at a time.

Above: Cut into your vitamin E capsule

3) The next step is to cut into your vitamin E capsule, I would suggest either piercing the top of trying to cut the capsule at the very top so you can get as much vitamin E solution out in one go as possible. Make sure you have your container at the ready and maybe a wipe for if the solution gets on your hands as it can be a bit tacky.

Above: The container I have chosen for the solution and how to squeeze the capsule

4) Next squeeze the solution out of the capsule! I would recommend squeezing as much out as you can then cutting the capsule in half to get any remaining solution out of the capsule! You can either then use the mask straight away or keep in the air tight container. The solution usually lasts for a week in an air tight container.

5) The next step is where you apply it! I usually apply this to my face after a face mask. I tie my hair back, rub this into my face and sleep with the face mask till morning. When you wash your face in the morning you will notice your skin is noticeably smoother and looks fresher! Of course you can apply this to any area of the skin that has scaring or that you would like to make much more softer, it is entirely up to you which area of the skin you put the solution on, just remember to wash the solution off! A few tips for if you wear this as a face mask;
  • Tie your hair back as the face mask can be tacky
  • Apply this at night and preferably on pillow cases you will be washing or can chuck in the was as it may rub off on the pillow if you sweat whilst you sleep; this is more of personal preference for those of you that get hot when you sleep.
  • Remember to wash the solution off in the morning and go through your normal skincare routine for best results!
If you are applying the mask to other areas of the body;
  • Keep the area clear, don't put clothing on top of it until it has fully absorbed into the skin for best results
  • Allow the solution to absorb in either during the day and then shower or during the night. I would always recommend during the night as if you find any problems with the mask it won't be bothering you during the day!
Overall there are many benefits I have noticed after using this mask such as;
  • Skin scars from acne when I was a teenager, my eczema and other skin conditions have either pretty much gone or gone after application 
  • The skin is much softer and remains softer feeling for around a week after
  • The skin appears brighter
  • Fine lines under my eyes from eye make-up appear much less dense into the skin

I hope this is something you will try if you are looking into a new face mask or a form of vitamin E treatment for your skin! Have fun experimenting with it and I hope it helps you like it has me!


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