Monday 20 May 2013

MUA Glamour Nights palette review

After I purchased the MUA Undress Me Too palette I was really interested to put the other palettes to the test! The next palette I decided I would test would be the MUA Glamour Nights Palette as I am much into darker tones and colours and I felt like I would get a lot of use out of the colour range in this palette. This palette much like the Undress Me Too palette comes in at £4 and can be bought at Superdrug MUA stands or can be bought on-line at the MUA store here.

Above: MUA 12 shades Glamorous Nights palette

The initial difference you can see from the Undress Me Too palette is this palettes black container. Most people seem to believe the black casing looks sleeker but in my opinion they both look very professional and are easy enough to keep clean. Again like the Undress Me Too palette this palette comes with a double ended eye-shadow brush that I like to use to pack on any glitter type eye shadows on the edge of my eyes. The palette doesn't come with a mirror but comes with a clear case so you can see the colours in the palette at first glance. For my review I will be providing swatches of the eye-shadows in the palette without eye-primer underneath the eye-shadow.
Above: The first four colours; white, purple, smoky black and gold (no primer)

Unlike the Undress Me Too palette these eye-shadows do not have names so I will describe them to you through the colours. The first colour white isn't as stark as it looks, it is more a white with a nice peachy undertone that would make this good for a highlight in the inner corners of the eye for any night look. As you can see it has a shimmer to the colour which would make this a good highlight for flash photography at night. On to the purple, the purple also has undertones but this time has undertones of black that you can actually see in the eye-shadow. This allows for a smoky purple look. Next up is the black. This looks like a deeper black than we see in the Undress Me Too palette and creates a deep smoky black look which is great for creating a smoky eye. This also has a lovely matte finish. Next is this absolutely lovely golden eye-shadow which I was thoroughly impressed with! I was so impressed with how solid this colour was and how solid the shimmer was of this eye-shadow.
Above: The next four colours; Smoky green, silver, shimmery green and lilac (no primer)

The next four colours we see are as lovely as the previous colours. The first looks to be a glittery black but is in actual fact a mossy green with black undertones. This again is a shadow that creates a lovely smoky look on the eye. The next is a silver which much like its gold counterpart in this palette has a lovely solid colour pay off and a fantastic shine to the product that isn't overpowering! To be it makes the shimmer wearable for all ages rather than making it too intense with glitter making it aimed more towards a younger audience. The next again looks to be a mossy green but actually turns out to swatch like a green with a shimmer to it. I can imagine this to be a lovely Christmas colour and tone with a shimmery green eye-shadow look on the eye. Next is a lilac colour with a colour pay off on the skin which solidly reflect the colour we see in the pan of the palette. 

Above: The final four colours of the palette; grey, brown, red and shimmery pearl (no primer)

The last four colours see a grey, brown red and pearl combination. The grey we see in the palette appears lighter on the skin but would work well for the base of a smoky eye look. The next colour brown has a slight shimmer to it and would work well with the greens we have previously seen in the palette. The next colour I absolutely love. The red in the palette also has undertones of pink making it an intense colour. The final colour of the palette is almost a shimmery pearl and would work well with the white we see at the beginning of the palette. I love the iridescent shimmer this eye-shadow gives!  

Overall the thing I was most impressed with was the colour pay off especially with no primer! The colour pay off of the MUA palettes is impressive for only £4! 

On to the positives and negatives!

  • Cheap once again! £4!
  • Available to order on-line or to buy in stores at Superdrug for those living in the UK!
  • Good selection of colour
  • Creates a good night eye look
  • Only available on-line for those outside the UK
  • Some colours do have a bit of fall-out in the palette as you apply them on to the brush

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  1. I need to try MUA, especially these palettes! Great post :)


    1. Thanks :) if you're interested I have a review up of the Undress me Too palette and other MUA makeup :)



  2. Lovely palette..Do you find the brighter colours are usable? xxx

    1. The lighter ones to be honest I either use as a highlight if I am going out when I know photographs will be taken or I use them very subtly on my eyes for just a nice hint of color there. They aren't what you'd call in your face colors.