Monday 6 May 2013

Primark Eyelash curler review

So I was shopping the other day and I thought I'd get myself a new eyelash curler, my old one has gone a bit rusty and a but dirty with age and I think its best to replace things that go near your eyes on a regular basis especially if like me you wear contact lenses. I decided to go into boots and superdrug both of which had own brand eyelash curlers for around £7/£8. Considering they were own brand I didn't want to pay more for an eyelash curler than I do my mascara. So I thought I'd go have a look at the Primark beauty section as I was going there to get cheap cotton pads as you can get 160 or £1 there! Anyway I found one and all for just £1.

Above: The Primark eyelash curler in and out of packaging

As you can see the eyelash curler is mechanical with hand grips on the handle which are pink and white. The eyelash curler also comes with a replacement pink rubber insert for when the eyelash curlers original pad gets too old or too dirty.

Above: The Eyelash curler in use

As you can see the eyelash curler is a good size and completely curls all my lashes. The pads of the curler as you can also tell from the picture are very thick and allow for good padding for the eyelashes to be pressed against. I must admit since this was a cheaper eyelash curler I was worried that there was a chance this could tug at my eyes, pull out eyelashes or worse cut them short. Thank god it did none of those things and actually gave a good result! I was very happy that I could now begin using an eyelash curler after not using one for a good few months as I missed the natural lift it gives to the lashes.

Above: Eyelashes before and after (before, left and after, right)

Firstly, ignore my dilated eyes in the second picture I'd just put eye drops in as my eyes were dry! Secondly as you can tell this curler gives a slight lift to the lashes without mascara on. In both pictures I tried this curler out with no mascara as I prefer to use eyelash curlers on clean lashes. So I was impressed this was the result on a natural lash! Now as usual with my reviews; on to the positives and negatives!

  • Cheap and cheerful at just £1
  • Does the job, no fuss to the product
  • Good quality metal and hand grips and the product is surprisingly strong and sturdy
  • Gives a natural curl and lift to the lashes
  • Primark - only available in the UK and only in stores no online ordering
  • Doesn't allow for a dramatic look


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you Megan! I do a lot of reviews on mascaras go check them out if you're interested and thank you for taking a look at the blog! xxx

  2. hi, do these eyelash curlers make a big difference, the reason being is because a person on youtube said they are rubbish and are hard to press together

    1. Hi! I had no problems with them :)



    2. Hi :) I use this particular one and it makes my lashes HUGE and sooo curled up- my boyfriend compliments on me a lot! Highly recommend :)

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