Saturday 6 July 2013

St Tropez Fake Tan review!

This review has been a long time coming! After breaking my fake tan virginity with the FakeBake Flawless fake tan which I reviewed here I decided I wanted to try another fake tan to see if other fake tans had more to offer! Since I love my Fakebake so much I will be doing a comparison of FakeBake to St Tropez throughout this review! The St Tropez tan for me is a luxury product. I purchased this from boots, see here for their range on the boots website, after consulting the St Tropez website on their products. The price can range from £20 for the 240ml bottle which I have to the £14 200ml version. The product does not come with the tanning mitt which you have to buy separate unlike FakeBake which comes with the fake tanning mitt. 
Above: St Tropes Self Tan Bronzing Mousse

The product itself comes in a very sleek and professional looking tall white bottle with a blue lid. The product is dispersed with a pump to pump the solution on the mitt unlike the FakeBake alternative which is sprayed on to the skin then rubbed in to the skin. Really application is personal preference but for me I feel like the mousse option offered by St Tropez is easier to disperse over a wider area of the skin whereas FakeBake flawless allows for more precision based application. To be honest I like both methods of application! I apply this mousse over my body like so:

  • 6 pumps on each leg and left over product on the mitt to go on the feet
  • 3 pumps on the chest and stomach
  • 3 pumps on the back area
  • One pump for over the face and half a pump to blend down the neck
  • 4 pumps on each arm with left over product on the mitt to go on the hands

Above: The tanning mousse

The mousse itself is a brown color and goes on to the skin brown also as the guide color. The mousse is light on the skin and dries within a minute. Personally I apply this in the evening and after a few minutes I put my PJs on! I then wash off the guide color in the morning after at least 8 hours on the skin. I also do the same for the FakeBake Flawless however I feel like the FakeBake solution dries pretty much instantly whereas the St Tropez solution takes a few minutes.

Now on to the smell!

Ah the infamous fake tan smell! The St Tropez fake tan smells like soap to me initially, however when you wake up you will get that infamous biscuit smell. Although it is not strong it is most definitely there. In comparison to the FakeBake which initially smells very sweet but then also develops the biscuit smell they are pretty much in the same boat though I would say the FakeBake biscuit smell does come slightly quicker that the St Tropez biscuit smell.

Above: The Results

So how are the initial results. Well on the left you can see my natural skin in all its pale glory! The second photo on the top is the guide color after application and the bottom right photo is the finished tan! Personally I think that this fake tan gives the instant back from holiday look and color which I love. If you live in England like me where the weather fluctuates you can automatically catch up with the summer weather within 8 hours and look tanned and be shorts ready! In comparison to FakeBake... well I feel like FakeBake gives a gorgeous natural bronzed color whereas the St Tropez product gives an instant brown color rather than a glow.

On to how long the product lasts. For me this lasts seven days then on the seventh day when I exfoliate and shave the fake tan will come off and I can re-apply a new fresh coat of fake tan. For me St Tropez makes for a good weekly tanner. However the FakeBake flawless last 5 days and for me is good if you want a weekend 'going out' fake tan.

So really which one you choose depends on your preference on the finish and how long you want the product to last. Personally I will continue to use and  purchase both as treats. I feel like the FakeBake flawless makes for a great winter fake tan and the St Tropez mousse is a great summer fake tan! So yes I love both!

Now on to my usual positive and negatives!

  • Widely available internationally
  • Initial smell is nice
  • Sleek professional packaging 
  • Brown color after the guide color is washed off is gorgeous!
  • Doesn't come with a tanning mitt
  • Expensive

So have you tried St Tropez? What do you think? What is your favorite fake tan to use? Let me know in the comments!

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