Monday 29 July 2013

Loverdose Diesel Body Lotion review

Were going Loverdose mad on Bella's Beauty Blog! If you have yet to check out my Loverdose perfume review go check it out here! Now on to the body lotion! The full size of the body lotion offered by Loverdose is 200ml. It comes in a tall white plastic bottle with a metal effect type top that you press down to flip up the top to squeeze the product out. The Loverdose body lotion retails for around £22 on its own; I personally have never bought it on its own and I tend to go for the more cost effective option of the special perfume and body lotion packs that they offer at Christmas. So if you're after both then I would recommend that option as it works out much more cheaply!

Above: Loverdose body lotion

The body lotion as I said is 200ml in size and lasts a long time! I got a 50ml sample size of this as I mentioned in my third product empties blog post and it lasted about 4/5 months!  

Above: The body lotion itself

On to the actual body lotion. The body lotion itself is a very fluid lotion, it is almost like water and feels very hydrating; because of its water like consistency it spreads very well across the skin and a little goes a long way! A nice touch is that the product itself has a pink hint to it but soaks in and goes on clear. The scent of the product is exactly like perfume and lingers on the skin for a good few hours. I think that teamed up with the perfume it helps the perfumes smell to last much longer on the skin. As I also mentioned in my third product empties blog post where I had finished off the smaller bottle of this product; I use this product in two ways. My first way is just as a body lotion as its meant to be used however my second method to use this is whilst I am using soap in the shower or bath I add a little on to the soap or a flannel/loofa in order to give the soap a subtle hint of my perfume. I often use unscented soap so I like adding a little of my perfume smell to the lathered up soap! Just a suggestion there for those of you that have a body lotion scent you love.

Overall the only bad point I see is the price; as far as a bundle package of the perfume and body lotion goes I am willing to invest in both but £22 just for a 200ml container of body lotion is a bit steep. But I really do love this body lotion!

So what are the positives and negatives?

  • Product lasts a long time
  • Feels very hydrating to the skin
  • Spreads very easily like water on the skin
  • Lightly scented of the perfume
  • For me he price is a bit more than I'd be willing to invest in body lotion

So have you tried the Loverdose perfume or body lotion? What are your opinions? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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