Wednesday 3 July 2013

MUA Eye primer review

I must admit when it comes to eye-shadow I can be pretty lazy and in the past I have had years where I just don't even touch the stuff just out of laziness. I think this is because back when I did dance and dance performances we always used to have heavy eye make-up on that made my eyes feel really heavy and tired and since then I just had a bad association with eye-shadow! Also another problem I always have; creasing argh! Also as weird as it sounds I always have oily eyelids! Basically my eyes aren't on my side when it comes to applying eye-shadow! I always wanted to try an eye primer and since I was already such a massive fan of MUA I thought I would give this product a little look see! It is the MUA Pro-base eye primer. Go check out the MUA website here and click here to look specifically at their eye primer.

As you guys may or may not know the MUA range is exclusively available at Superdrug and on their online store so I picked mine up there. Go checkout this link to check the product out over at Superdrug. The price for this product is £2.50. As with all MUA products the £2.50 price tag makes this product affordable for any make-up bag.

Above: MUA Pro Base Eye Primer

The packaging for this is pretty much like the usual concealer packaging that you see. It has a doe foot applicator attached to the lid - again comparable to concealers you usually see. The doe foot applicator actually works pretty well to apply the product to the eye however I like to use a small precision brush after this to blend out the product. 

Above: A swatch of the MUA Eye Primer

The product again at a first glance when you swatch this again looks like a concealer however from its texture you can tell it is much thicker in consistency. Its the thickness of the product that gives the eye-shadow a strong base to hold on to.

Above: Swatches of the product with and without primer with eye-shadows

I thought I would give you guys an idea of how the primer changes eye-shadow when you use it. As you can tell from the above picture the primer makes eye-shadows stand out more and even gives a natural highlight to the shadow. As you can see from the bottom half of the photo even after rubbing the eye-shadow the primer helps the shadows original color to still stick.

One other thing I found this primer useful for which I love is that it helps to control the oil I find on my eyelids. So for those of you suffering from the same problem you should pick this up even just to put on your eyelids on its own. Now I use this on my eyelids everyday even when I don't wear any eye-shadow. So to be honest even though it is a good primer in its own right I am so happy it controls the oil on my eyelids! Its lovely when there is a product you find that fixes a problem you weren't even intending it to fix!

  • Cheap, £2.50
  • Available on their website and in stores in the UK
  • A good eye primer overall
  • Controls problem oily eyelids
  • Not available in tore outside the UK - only online

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So have you tried the MUA Eye Primer or any other eye primers or MU Products? What did you think? Let me know in the comments section!

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