Wednesday 10 July 2013

Loreal Paris Studio Hot Straight Straightening Cream/ Heat Protectant review

So I thought I would do a review on a product I have been using pretty much for years, the Loreal Paris Studio Hot Straight cream. What this is is a heat protecting cream that also claims to help the straightening of your hair.So why did I initially buy this cream? Well if I am being honest when I was younger my mum was frightened I would burn and damage my already thick, long and healthy hair. Myself? I used products when I was younger that made my hair look straighter as it was so hard to maintain. So when I went out looking for products this was a sort of steady medium and well I have stuck with it for years!

Above: The Loreal Paris Studio Hot Straight cream

As you cans see here I have the on offer bottle but usually this bottle comes in a 150ml bottle and is usually around £3-4 so it doesn't break the bank! The instructions say for shorter hair use 1 nut sized amount and for long hair use 2 nut sized amounts. I use 2 nut sized amount, one on each side of my hair after running it through my fingers. The smell of the product to be honest smells like conditioner and once you start heat styling the scent goes. A 150ml bottle of this for me lasts around 2 months which I think is fantastic especially for the price!

Above: The cream itself

As you can see the product itself is a white formula, pretty basic, and soaks in to the hair when applied. So now on to the claim of helping the hair become more straight... does it work? My opinion is yes. When I don't use this my natural lion hair is well and truly shown when I just blow dry my hair! However when I blow dry my hair with this it is much more sleek and easier to manage with straighteners. I also feel when I begin to straighten my hair that is does have a protective film on it if that makes sense? I feel as though a barrier is created so my straighteners still work but they are not burning my hair in the process! However you don't feel this when I touch my hair, only when my hair goes through the plates of the straighteners. 

When I don't used this product I also notice I have more breakage, showing that the heat is definitely taking its tole on my hair. However when I begin using this again its back to its healthy ways!

So now on to the positive and negatives of this product.

  • Cheap and widely available
  • Scent is subtle 
  • Helps to heat protect the hair
  • Helps to straighten the hair
  • If you use too much, as with any hair product, it may weigh down the hair
So what heat protection cream do use? Have you tried this or this brand? What do you think? Let me know in the comments below!

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