Monday 8 July 2013

NOTD - Glittered nails

Since the fun has finally decided to pop over to the UK I decided I would go for a very summer/bronzed/glittery look if that makes any sense? I basically used a brown nail polish with a gold polish over to give a lovely bronzed glitter effect. As you can tell my nails are at a pretty good length and I'm debating tripping them back to short again and letting them grow but I don't know I love them long! Knowing me I will wait till one breaks like they usually do then trim them all down! 

For me this nail look is pretty plain, only one color on all my nails... SHOCK HORROR! But I am the type of person that shows their wacky/insane side through their nails. So giving the one color look a go may be good for me!

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