Monday 4 May 2015

Lush - Snow Fairy Limited Edition Shower Gel - Review

I thought for a long time if it was worth posting this review. Pretty much everyone and their wives have tried Snow Fairy from Lush. However since this 'limited edition' shower gel is usually released/available every Christmas I thought it may be informative for those that haven't yet tried it!

Lush - Snow Fairy Limited Edition Shower Gel

My other half picked me up the large size of 500g however you can pick this product up in a variety of sizes and it is usually in a lot of gift sets around the seasonal period. You can usually get the bottle in 100g, 250g or the 500g you see pictured. I would consider stocking up on the big bottle if you're in love with the scent so that it lasts you all year round!

The scent is very sweet. Lush describe it as a 'candy scent'. The closest scent I could compare it to would be candy floss! It is sweet but subtle and leaves a lovely lingering scent to the skin when you use it. Snow Fairy can also be used as a bubble bath in my experience. Usually I tend to reserve it as a shower gel as you can only pick it up once a year and I want it to last however now that I have the bigger size I can indulge and use it more often. 5 months in to 2015 I have barely dented the bottle!

The lather to this shower gel is fantastic which is exactly why it makes a perfect bubble bath for me too! With or without a loofa Snow Fairy builds up a beautifully luxurious lather. The gel itself contains little particles of glitter which makes it look very cute however if you're not a big fan of glitter, like myself, don't worry. It doesn't stick to the skin at all.

All I can really say is that Snow Fairy is a Lush favourite for a reason. It is a fantastic, sweet little product and is a must to try for bath and shower product fanatics. It is also a nice little gift for any younger people you may need to buy gifts for around the festive period.

Have you tried the Lush Snow Fairy Limited Edition shower gel? What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. I'm actually not a fan of the snow fairy scent but the packaging is so cute x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness x