Friday 1 May 2015

George at Asda- Red Berry Reed Diffuser - Review

If any of you lovely readers were to visit my home you would probably wonder  why my house is filled with so many smellies and candles. Well the truth is I'm addicted. I have a problem! George at Asda offer such a great range of affordable diffuser which help feed my addiction. 

George at Asda- Red Berry Reed Diffuser

I love having diffusers on my windowsills right next to curtains as the scent tends to linger the best there, This red berry diffuser is currently living on my living room windowsill. Firstly, it is very affordable at £3. It certainly won't break the bank. Secondly the scent itself is absolutely beautiful. Very sweet but deep in its scent; I actually have this near some fake flowers, if you didn't know any better you might even think it was the flowers!

The actual diffuser is very plain. I like this because no matter how many times I have swapped and changed my living room decor it has matched everything. It's been in my house since February and it is still going! It has about 1/4 left! Well done George, once again you have done very well! You can check out the George at Asda Red Berry diffuser here.

Do you have any home scents or diffusers you would recommend? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. I defiantly have a love affair with diffusers they are so nice. Great review hun xxx

    Anna-Maria |

    1. Me too! We all have our guilty pleasures don't we!