Friday 26 April 2013

What's in my bag dare you ask?

Hey guys, so I've seen alot of these done by people on YouTube, a 'What is in my handbag' video so I thought why not do a more laid back blog and talk about what's in my handbag? One thing you should know about my handbag is that it goes with me EVERYWHERE. Even on a night out! I'm known as the 20 year old mum amongst friends because I have so many little 'necessities' in my bag that everyone's usually asking to borrow! So on to it!

Above: My university/lazy day bag
So here is bag number one that I use, this is my go to every day lazy bag or my bag for uni as its big enough to fit my text books and notepads in along with my pens and my breakfast. I love how it matches the boots I pretty much always wair and its black so it goes with everything! I bought this from new look about a year ago and it was around £15 at that time. It comes with a detachable shoulder strap which you can attach to either side of the bag at its shoulder straps.

Above: My going out/everyday/night out/ day with friends bag

So this is my second bag. Its about half the size of my other one but I love this one as it has compartments where I can organise all my things. It has two side compartments two the bag where I put my eye stuff and makeup on one side, and on the other holds miscellaneous items such as tissues and things like that! It has some stud detailing on the front which alternates between a skull and a stud (shown below) and I got this from Amazon a few weeks ago! I love it! This bag comes with a shoulder strap.

Above: The Skull and Stud detailing that is on my bag

Now lets get into the nitty gritty of what is actually in my bag!

Above: My Fold away hair brush, and my hair clip

These are the hair related items I carry with me. Sometimes I like to squeeze my big paddle brush into my hand bag but for days I don't want to I carry around my big brush (like when I go to uni or a night out) I carry my small fold away brush with a mirror. I also carry around my hair clip in case I want to put my hair in an up do or in case it gets warmer as my hair is very thick.

Above: My glasses case with my Sunglasses (New Look) Contact lenses and Glasses

The next thing I chuck in my bag is a glasses case which I also got from New Look last year for around £5. I got the sunglasses also from New look for around £5 and the have full UV protection. When I am wearing my contact lenses, which is pretty much all the time, I take out my contact lenses case with solution and my glasses in case I want to take my contacts out or end up staying at my boyfriends or a friends.

Above: Also a must have, my purse! Also from New Look.

Above is my purse which I got from New Look about a year ago as well. I call it my granny purse and I bought it because it looks old fashioned and usually sticks out amongst my friends purses. It also goes along with the mother of the group persona I seem to have built amongst friends. It has a place for cards, cash and change. 

Above: A few random items I like to take with me including my Apple headphones, Chewies and Tic Tacs, tissues and Hand cream.

These are the few random items I take out with me which include my apple headphones for when I'm walking and commuting so I can listen to music on my Iphone, chewies and Tic Tacs for my breath or for when I feel like nibbling (also everyone always wants chewies!) a pack of tissues (to correct make-up or for...well... obvious reasons) and my Vaseline healthy hands and stronger nails hand cream which is a must have in my bag as I moisturise my hands all the time.

Above: My fingerless mitten gloves and my snood/scarf.

I got these fingerless mitten gloves from New Look also about a year ago and I love them. They are perfect for when I commute when I am fiddling getting train tickets out and they are also perfect for my Iphone as I can stil use my phone with these on! My next item is my scarf which can be worn as a snood. I always wear it as a snood usually with whatever I'm wearing as I get cold easily. The snood is great to chuck on to feel snug when you are walking home in the night!

Above: My second glasses case containing my Lip gloss by Natural collection in Vanilla, my red lipstick by Rimmel London in Diva Red, my Loreal Paris liquid eye-liner and my Fraulien 38 portable lip brush 

A random thing to put all these products in a glasses container but this glasses container (from Specsavers) basically used to have my glasses in with a few bits of make-up frown in with it. Since then I've always kept my go to make-up touch up tools for ease of access! I always carry around my vanilla lip gloss to keep my lips shiny and moisturised, my red lipstick for the evening with my portable lip brush to help apply it and my eye-liner to touch up my eye make-up during the day and to make my eye make-up more dramatic in the evenings.

Above: Just keeps getting moreeee random! My face powder and a tub of Vaseline with a pen and a highlighter. 

Now here we have the random items! First of all I carry around an old face powder that I don't mind getting lost or damaged tha has a face sponge. This is so I can blot my skin with powder. I also carry around Vaseline in case my lips get chapped or in case I am wearing heels so I can take a little bit and apply some on my feet if I feel a blister may start. I also carry around a pen and a highlighter for uni. I usually leave this in my bag though in case I need a pen... not to sure why I do it with the highlighter though!

So thats pretty much it! It was unusual taking out all of the things I had in my bag and taking photos of them because it made me realise how much I carry! I usually shove in a coat or a cardigan or a hoodie in my bag too so no wonder I always have terrible back pains!

Anyway I hope you all enjoyed this post and feel free to ask me about any of the products/ where I got them and to check out the rest of my blog!


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