Saturday, 13 April 2013

Product Empties #1

So I have seen a lot of people and reviewers on Youtube do these 'product empties' videos lately. I thought I would write a blogpost on product empties as and when I get them! Some people do this monthly but honestly I don't use products that quickly so I thought I would do a group collection of sorts and just keep record of them! Basically in these blogs I will give a brief outline of what they are for, what I use them for and how I felt about these products and also if I will be repurchasing them in the future.

Update: I have written some newer product empties blogs! Go check them out:

Above: Johnson and Johnson cotton buds, cosmetic cotton pads and Cutex ultra cleansing nail polish remover

Above are some products I go through a ridiculous amounts of, so for this reason I won't involve these in every product empties blog I do. These are pretty much essentials for me and my beauty regimes. I use the Johnson and Johnson cotton buds (or any style of cotton bud, they all do the same) to clean off the edges of my nails when I apply nail varnish and also to correct any mistakes I may make on my eyeliner. I use the cotton cosmetic pads to remove my nail polish from my nails as well as to apply toner to my skin twice daily and to remove make-up with in conjunction with my make-up removers. Another product I also go through a lot of is Cutex nail polish remover, its quick and does the job and is not to drying to the nail despite containing acetone. As you can see I go through these products simply because they are multi functional (all bar the nail polish remover). I will always use these products!

Above: Elvive Colour Protect Conditioning Protect Spray and Clean and Clear Exfoliating Daily Wash

Now on to some slightly varied empties products. Firstly the Elvive Colour Protect which I would actually like to do a product review of at some point. To keep it brief for this blog I loved this product - it made my hair so soft and supple for styling and made my hair noticeably less wild and huge when I decided not to straighten my hair! The product lasted around 3/4 months with me using it every day and my mum occasionally using it after she had her hair dyed. I even undid the spray pump to get the last bits of product out and smooth it over my hair (which still works equaly as good as the spraying method) - to me as someone with thick hair this is now a staple product in my hair care routine. I have since repurchased this spray and will continue to.
The next empty I am not so fond of is the Clean and Clear Exfoliating  Daily Wash - this has been hanging around in my shower for a while - to be honest over a year from when someone passed this to me thinking I still struggled with acne. Since I don't anymore I didn't really use it but recently I decided it was time to get it emptied and use it. I found the formula too thick and I felt like when I did use it it was clogging my pores rather than giving me a clean feeling to my skin. So I decided to use this to wash my neck with as I often get one or two little blemishes where I tend to lean my hand against my face.I can't really say I saw a noticeable change.  I will not be repurchasing this item.

Thanks for reading my first empties blog! I look forward to writing up a few more!

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