Monday 29 April 2013

Collection 2000 Fast Stroke eyeliner

Collection 2000 are a brand I have a long term relationship with. When I first started using make-up when I was around 16 Collection 2000 was easily accessible and more to the point cheap and affordable. You could purchase it from boots, it would last long enough for a college day and was cheap enough that if a powder got smashed or an eye-liner leaked that it wouldn't be the end of the world. So when I went through the eye-liners I wanted to review I thought I would review one of my very original ones that I used to use.

With my eye-liner  I look for an eye-liner that is a solid black colour. I also look for an eye-liner that doesn't smudge easily or go watery at the corners of my eyes from wearing contact lenses. As a rule I like an eye-liner to last around 4/5 hours without having to worry about a touch up and I like a brush/applicator that can allow me to create a thin and thick line depending on if I a wearing the eye-liner for everyday or work.

Above: Collection 2000 Fast Stroke Eye-liner

Above you can see a picture of the product itself. This product itself retails for £2.99 at Superdrug (in the UK). For £2.99 the container is made solidly and I have had no problems with leaking. The brush is professionally done and creates solid lines.

Above: Collection 2000 Fast Stroke Eye-liner brush

The long tip of the container has the brush at the end of it when you remove the lid. The main bit of the brush is solid with the tip being slightly flexible allowing for a bit more movement when applying eye-liner  I found this particularly useful when creating a cat eye look or a winged tip look.

Above: An attempt at a thicker line and a thinner line for a swatch

In order to provide a swatch for this product for you guys I thought I would produce a thicker line and a thinner line; the thicker line being on the top and the thinner line being on the bottom. As you can see when the thinner line is produced the eye-liner is applied smoothly however with the top line it can be seen as a bit more liquidy. However both lines are a lovely solid black that I prefer an eye-liner to have. Now on to the actual eye-liner itself and its wear-ability.
Above: Eye-liner applied in the morning

In the above picture you can see my eye-liner that I applied at 11am before going out for the day till 6pm. The lines are solid and able to get close to the lash line and also produce a very dark black colour.

Above: Eyeliner after 6pm

As you can see from my bluergh face this picture was taken at the end of the day just after 6pm after 7 hours of wear of this eye-liner. I wore this make-up out all day and the weather was windy and going from warm to cold (just to give you an idea of the environment I wore this eye-liner in). As you can see the line is completely their still - there are no chips in the eye-liner even right to the tear duct of the eye on the top line. The bottom line also stayed in tact. Although the colour slightly lost the intensity that it had when I first applied it it still has a pretty solid colour seven hours later... pretty impressive! I must say after digging this out of my make-up bag to review I will definitely be trying out this eye-liner for my new everyday one in the future! Now on to the usual positives and negatives of this product!

  • Cheap price but a good quality product and packaging
  • Easily accessible at drug-stores
  • Creates a solid black line
  • Brush that comes with the eye-liner is of solid quality
  • Longevity of this product is amazing
  • Can feel watery and wet when first applied to the skin

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