Monday 22 April 2013

Product empties #2

So on my last product empties blog I wrote about how rarely I go through products and how another empties blog may be a long time coming... Incorrect! Since then I decided to search my drawers for products I no longer use or are coming towards the end of their shelf life so I can actually get them all used up and hopefully see some benefits from them once again before they finish! So lets get back in to another empties blog post!

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Above: Johnsons Cotton Buds
As I said last time I go through these so quick, I use them to correct eye make-up, clean around my ear piercings and I use them to clean up around my nails when I paint them; particularly when I do marble nails! Once again I will be picking this up again, basic product and a must have for me! A definite re purchase!

Above: Tea Tree Cleansing Wipes

When I found these again there was only around half the packet left. I used to use these for acne, I basically had tea tree oil in all my products in order to combat acne. However now puberty is long gone and I used these up by wiping the insides of my make-up bag and over the handles of my brushes so that I could give them a good clean. I also used a few on my face when I came in lazily from nights out after taking my make-up off so my face felt clean. I always love the feel that tea tree oil gives to your face (that lovely tingly fresh feeling) however since my skin doesn't really have an acne problem any more I won't be repurchasing these.

Above: Tea Tree Pure Essential Oil

Again another product I used during my bad acne days that I found. I've been using this on the odd occasion I get a bad blemish to dry the area out so my combination normal/oily skin doesn't feed the spot and make it worse! I can say it has helped stop any spots actually developing into spots and simply dries it out and gets rid of it! I use this by saturating a cotton bud tip and placing the tip on the area for a few seconds until the product is applied. I would re-purchase this however I still have a small container of this left. One that has been finished I will repurchase this product.

Above: Superdrug Aloe Vera Deep Cleansing Mud Mask

I will be including this product in a review to come soon but I can say I absolutely love this product. This product I've been using every week for about 6 months, it lasts so long! I love how toned and clear my skin looks after using this product. I even cut open this product as you can see and placed it in a little container as there was still some product left for me to use. I'd say there is at least one use left in there when you cut it open and scoop it out. (I'm taking the empties tag very seriously!) I have two more types of masks of this product from Superdrug but I will be repurchasing these for as long as they stock them!

Above: Loreal Paris Illuminating Serum Colour Protect

Above is a product that I have used since I have started dying my hair black (since the age of 16, I'm now almost 21). I use this once a week usually however I use it mostly when I have just had my hair dyed to maintain the colour. I use all the Loreal Paris Colour Protect range on my colour and I can honestly say that it keeps the colour of my hair there until the next colouring for it, which is impressive as black over blonde is hard to maintain, and the condition of my hair is still as soft and strong as the day I dyed my hair for the first time almost five years ago! I have half a container left of this product after finishing this one but after that is finished I will be repurchasing this!

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