Friday 13 December 2013

Small New Look Haul - December 2013

So here I am with yet another New Look haul! Admittedly my last New Look haul I posted up a bit later than when I bought all the the items because I have been mad busy lately! However this one I am getting out to you pretty quickly. I only got these delivered this week and lucky me I managed to bag a few steals in the bunch too!

If you have been following my blog for a while now you will know how mad I am about boots and combat boots. They are pretty much the only shoe I will wear. I was unsure about ordering these but I am so glad I did as I am in love with them! I got these for £29.99. You can also get these in brown.

The detailing on the boot is subtle but enough to make it slightly different from your standard combat boot!

The next two things I decided to buy were dresses. I like skater style dresses as they are easy to dress up and down. I managed to pick this up in the sale for£12.59 - the original price was £17.99 so there were a few pounds saved there!

I really love the colours and patters on this dress. Sometimes it can be hard to get floral right on a dress but I think this dress pulls it off nicely.

This dress I managed to snatch up on in the sale for £9 down from £17.99. I'm pretty pleased with that I must admit!

You can tell from the photo that this is a much more toned down and distressed floral look. I love this dress. Both the dresses I got from this New Look order are so comfortable and I love the style and pattern they are in!

So what clothes have you been buying lately? Have you visited New Look lately? Let me know in the comments!


  1. Love the two floral dresses x