Monday 2 December 2013

New Look haul / Christmas presents from the Family - November 2013 - Winter Clothes Haul

Hello everyone! I hope you are all having a great start to your December! So this year I got the usual question from my mum and dad - what would you like for Christmas? This year I have had a very practical head on as far as money and buying are concerned as I am saving to move out. So I asked for practical clothes, things I could wear for work and college environments and things I would get a lot of wear out of that I would only end up having to buy myself throughout the year. So with my Christmas present budget here is what I picked myself up!

The first thing I decided I needed was a new coat. This coat is the Miss Real Black Tweed Frill Hem Coat. I can't express how much I love this coat. It is thick and durable and it smartens up everything I wear! 

I love the new tartan craze that has been going round and I knew I needed to grab this when I saw it. Not only has it got a bold tartan design on it but it keeps you so warm and is so soft!

I decided I needed to pick up a pair of ankle boots for the cold weather that I could wear when I still want to dress smart rather than having cold feet in ballet pump flats! These boots are really comfy and go with a lot of the dresses and tights I like to wear.

I also wanted to pick up a good old pair of biker boots! You can't go wrong with a strong pair of durable boots especially when it gets in to cold weather and ESPECIALLY when it snows! The grips on these are amazing so if you are after a fashionable pair of snow safe boots these are your best bet! I feel safely prepared for the bad weather with these boots at hand!

If you were to ask my partner what my favourite thing about colder weather is he would no doubt say mittens. I love these... regardless of the fact I look about 7 when I wear them. They are great for those of us that have phones and purses and folders to fiddle around in but once we are outside we want to cover our fingers up! I just love mittens for how versatile they are and yes for how cute they are!

So have you taken a sneak peak in to New Look lately? Have you bought anything from there? Let me know in the comments! Also let me know if there any products I bought that you have your eye on!

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