Saturday 16 March 2013

My daily skin care routine!

So I thought I would talk about my daily Skin care routine, I plan on doing a review of a few of these products in the future but for now I thought I would talk about what I use on a daily basis! So to start with lets have a look at how I clean my skin!

These first three products I usually do either of a morning during my shower or in the evening in the shower (Depending on when I choose to have my shower!) The first product I use to ex-foliate my skin is St Ives Apricot scrub with a blemish fighting formula. I am usually very concious of developing acne due to a past of acne during high school - so any product claiming to help combat that is a must in my skin care products. This step is to keep my skin feeling and looking smooth.

Above: St Ives Apricot Scrub; Blemish fighting

To use this product I dampen my face in the shower and take a pea sized amount of the product and lightly, in a circular motion, rub it across my whole face. I then wash this off with water from the shower making sure all the ex-foliation beads have been removed from my skin.

Above: Neutogena Visibly Clear Oil free facial wash

The next step of my skin care routine, still in the shower, is to use a facial wash. The one which I'm loving at the moment is Neutrogena's Visibly clear oil free facial wash. Since I find I have an oily T zone and my skin is often at risk of going oily through the day I like to use product which have no extra added oil in them; so being oil free this product is a bonus. After ex-foliating I make sure my face is still damp then with a pea sized amount of the product I lather this facial wash into my skin. What's so great about this facial wash is that it has the most amazing lather ever that really makes you feel as though your skin is being cleaned right down to the pores - and only a little amount of product is needed to create the lather from this product. Once I am done I rinse the product off once again with water.

Above:  The Body Shop: Tea Tree Skin Clearing Facial Wash

This next and third step for my skin is optional depending on my skin. In all honesty I rarely use this unless (like this week) I have a blemish or spot in which case I add this in to combat any acne spots that may crop up. Since I only rarely get the occasional acne spot I keep this near by to combat it. Similarly if I feel a spot coming on I tend to whip this out to clean my face to get rid of the spot before it appears. Again, under the shower, I lather this into my skin with a pea sized amount of product and rinse of after it has been fully lathered into my skin. This is the last step I take in my shower for my skin and I find it effectively gets my skin smooth and clean!

Above: Simple Kind to Skin Soothing Facial Toner

Once I'm out of the shower and my skin is fully cleansed it is time to do my toning portion of my skin care! The toner I am using and loving at the moment is the Simple Kind to Skin Soothing Facial Toner. I apply this to a cotton pad or wool piece and wipe lightly around my face. I then usually give my skin around a minute to absorb this before moving on to the net step.

Above: Simple Kind to Skin Protecting Moisture Cream with SPF10

Now on to moisturising my skin! Again sticking with the Simple range I use Simple Kind to Skin protecting moisture cream which has an added SPF of 10. The next time I purchase this I will be purchasing one with a higher SPF but since this was purchased during winter it has been doing just the job! With this product I again take just over a pea sized amount on my pointing finger then lightly apply small dots of the product under my eyes, nose, cheeks, chin and forehead to indicate where I need to apply and rub the product in. Once I've indicated where I need to apply it I just rub it all in! Simple as that. The toning and moisturising I do all comes before my make-up so after this has been applied I give it at least 5 minutes to dry before I move on to make-up. (I usually give it much longer to dry before applying make-up as I do my hair first but five minutes I would say to anyone else is a good amount of time to wait for it to dry).

Above: Simple Kind To Eyes eye make-up remover

Now for once the day has finished! After I've applied my make-up after moisturising and gone about my day I use two products to remove my make-up from my skin before I have to begin my night routine and cleaning again!. I use Simple Kind to Eyes eye make-up remover as its fantastic for removing eye make-up and also amazing at removing any waterproof make-up. As I use a waterproof eye-liner gel to prime for my eye-liner this is perfect. On a cotton ball or pad I apply a bit of this product and place them over my eyes for about 5 or 10 seconds. After my eyes have been soaked I rub the eye make-up away. As simple as that!

Above: Neutrogena Oil free Make-up remover

Now on to my make-up remover for my face! I'm actually a bit upset as they don't seem to make this any-more or at least I can't find it so I will have to find a new make up remover for my face as I only have two containers of this left! However at the minute I am using Neutogena Oil Free Make-up Remover. Once again a product that is oil free and helps to fight blemishes. Since I am so concious of developing acne or even getting one spot I tend to love these products that help combat acne before its even begun. With this product again with a cotton pad I place a pea sized amount of the cream onto the pad and I rub this all over my face, it not only moistures as well it also removes the make-up completely.

Above: Simple Kind To Skin Night Cream

Now on to the final step of my skin care. After removing my make-up If I get a shower of the evening I will do steps one to three before my night cream. However if I choose to get a shower in the morning I will move on to my night cream by simple. I use this night cream in a similar way I use the day cream. I place a small pea sized amount on my pointing finger, indicate where it needs to go and rub away! And that is pretty much it for all of my skin care routine! This is pretty much every step I take each day to make sure my skin is clear and soft. There aren't really any more steps other than once a week I apply a face mask just as a little treat to my skin and to help keep it toned! 

Hopefully a review of a few of these products will be up soon! For now I hope you enjoyed reading about my skin care routine! In the future I may do a skin care routine for what I use on my actual body for skin care, so keep your eyes out for that!

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