Thursday 7 March 2013

Maybelline - The Rocket - Mascara review

About two or three weeks ago, I heard one of my friends mention this mascara and say how good it was. As a religious user of all Maybelline mascaras as I think they are just absolutely amazing at lengthening and plumping up lashes I thought I'd give this one a go as well!

Maybelline - The Rocket - Pictured above

I bought this mascara about two weeks ago, and have been using it daily since as just my usual everyday mascara. When I purchased this product at Boots it was retailing for £7.99. I myself love a dramatic eye look, I wear very little face makeup - a hint of blush with highlighter and contouring but I don't really go all out on my face products. With my eyes however I could spend hours doing mascara and eyeliner and dramatic dark looks there, I think they look really pretty. For those that have used the Maybelline mascara Colossal I would say it could be most compared to that mascara only The Rocket adds even more volume and length to the lashes. I would say myself, as a person who has used all of Maybellines Volum' express line, that with each new mascara the volumizing and lengthening power of each mascara improves over time. One thing I love in particular about this product is that it can give a subtle day look as well as a dramatic 'false lash effect' meaning I don't need to buy one mascara for a day look and another for night; its multi functional. With one light coating of this mascara your eyelashes will subtly look perked up and fully black. If you want that false lash effect however you can simple apply a full coat (just a heavier coating than that to achieve a day look) of the mascara to your eyelashes and they will look instantly thicker, darker and longer.

For those of you that used the Colossal mascara you will remember that rose scent that was often commented on in reviews, which all though you can't smell once applied was quiet a strong smell on the brush. With The rocket this scent is not half as strong though there is still a hint of its presence. 

Above: The Rocket mascara brush

Above is a picture of The Rocket brush, as you can see its a thick brush with spikes. This thick brush allows for more volume in the lashes with the small spikes allowing for help with lifting the lashes and dispersing it more evenly than the previous Colossal brush.

Above: The top mascara brush - Maybelline Colossal
The bottom mascara brush - Maybelline the rocket

As you can see above The Rocket brush is considerably more fuller in figure than the Colossal brush. The Rocket brush is also a plastic material whereas the Colossal brush is a material brush. Although the Colossal is one of my top favourites (and up until the rocket my favourite mascara) simply for its volume abilities I would say that The Rocket takes this one step further and once again shows the high quality of mascaras that Maybelline produces. 

Dramatic Eye look with Maybelline - The Rocket mascarra

Above is an example how I pretty much like to wear my eye make-up when I'm not in work. This is an example of The Rocket with just one coat of mascara.

The overall positives of this mascara;

  • Creates volume with just one coat, which increases even further through adding more coats
  • Minimal scent
  • Spreads out lashes well
  • Elongates lashes
  • Does not clump
  • Reflectivity cheap especially for the quality

Some negatives I spotted on this product;
  • Still has a hint of the smell that Colossal had


  1. Oooh I'm actually going posting my own review of this tomorrow! xx

    1. Oooo I'll have to take a look! It is one of my favorite mascaras!



  2. I'm not 100% keen on this mascara, I think it has something to do with the plastic wand head rather than it being a brush if that makes sense.

    It certainly works for your lashes though :D
    Amy x
    -A Little Boat Sailing-

    1. Sorry to hear that! Thank you for sharing your experience for those reading though! I know some people don't like plastic mascara wands!

      Thank you so much!