Thursday 7 March 2013

MUA - Makeup Academy Pro Base Fixing Mist review

For my first review I thought I'd take a look at a product that advertises itself to keep your makeup in place all day long. I purchased this product in superdrug for £5, considering drugstore primers which basically do the same type of thing are around £10 I thought I would give it a go. The directions for this product are to 'apply makeup as normal' and then to 'Shake the fixing mist, hold at arms length and spray' over your makeup. I tried this particular method mentioned on the packaging for three days over my normal everyday makeup. Using the method directed on the bottle however did not seem to elongate the length of makeup throughout the day by much longer. If I was to outline an average of how much longer it lasted I would say about an hour or so, however after this the makeup would return to how it was without the product.

Makeup Academy Pro Base Fixing Mist 

I did however when using this product notice that it would make the make-up I applied have a matte finish until it did wear off. I also was pleased with how well it absorbed into the skin, after applying it I would generally put away my makeup to pass the time whilst it was drying and within a minute or so it would be fully dried and absorbed. However it did first worry me when for the first time I sprayed it on my face it made my whole face wet! No need to worry though, it absorbs straight in without leaving a trace or a smell. One thing I'd like to point out here is why in the beginning of this review I outlined how it says to use the product on the packaging. I outlined these directions as this is how personally I started of using the product as I had very little experience with fixing sprays, but since experimenting with the product I have found it is put to much better use in another way. If you are like me and you would like to use a fixing spray to keep products such as concealer, foundation or other face based products on for much longer as you're not one of these people who wants to touch up there makeup throughout the day, I found it was best to spray the fixing mist directly on the skin before applying concealer and foundation and applying this on your face within the drying time. I found that this way the fixing mist would mix with the face products and increase the day wear of my makeup not just by an hour or so but by a good 3/4 hours which who can complain about that for a fiver! I would also then apply just one more spray on my face afterwards to seal the makeup. On both of these methods I used my primer (L'oreal Primer) and none of my everyday products such as foundation were changed, so I believe that adding that extra spray before applying face products really did help the longevity of my make-up throughout the day.

Below are a few outlined positives of the product;

*Relitivley Cheap
*Product lasts a long time
*Using the method of use for the product I outlined it can increase the life of your everyday makeup by a few hours
*No scent when on face
*Dries quickly
*Mattifys makeup well

 Below are a few outlined negatives;
*Has a light scent in the bottle
*Using the method on the bottle is not as effective as the one I outlined (IMO)

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  1. Great post, I have this spray too but I've never tried using it before foundation etc, I'll definitely try this now. Thanks for the tip! I'm now following your blog :)

    1. No problem! Sorry for the late reply to your comment my e-mail has been playing up! I will check out your blog now!