Monday 19 January 2015

Product Empties #15

Product Empties #15

Hello everyone! I have been putting off writing off this product empties for such a long time. So much so in fact that I already have another bag full of empties ready to photograph! I must admit that since moving out, around 5 months ago now, I've dug out a lot of products that I had stored away and I have finally used them up! So let's take a look!

Batiste XXL Volume - Dry Shampoo

Long time readers of my blog will know how much I am obsessed with the Batiste XXL Dry Shampoo. It works wonders for second day hair and adds such incredible volume. It's also great for those of you like me that have a full fringe and hate the annoying gaps that form. This keeps those gaps at bay! 

L'Oreal Elvive Colour Protect - Shampoo

I have been a loyal customer to L'Oreal. I have used their colour protect shampoo and conditioner for years... however now I have in fact changed my shampoo and conditioner! Yes I know shock horror! The reason? I fancied a change! I would totally go back to this shampoo however as it really does help extend the life of a colour and all in all is a good shampoo.

Soft & Gentle and Sure Deodorant

Oh deodorants... The more dull product empties. In the process of the move I found so many deodorants that were either near empty or half empty. So of course I made it my goal to finish them all of before buying in any more! As you can tell I'm a Soft & Gentle fan! 

Impulse Body Spray - Temptation

Once again another product I dug out. An Impulse body spray in the scent temptation. I'm all about body sprays and perfumes. This had a nice florally perfumey scent... here I am trying to describe a scent again. Will I ever learn?

Neutrogena Visibly Clear Oil Free Make-up Remover

The Neutrogena oil free make-up remover is my all time favourite make-up remover, particularly for on the go or when you're away from home. Sadly I can't find it any more which really upsets me! If any of you know if it is still being made do let me know!

Boots Tea Tree and Witch Hazel Foaming Wash

The boots tea tree and witch hazel foaming wash is great for younger acne prone skin. I ended up using this up as my everyday facial wash since I don't tend to suffer with acne any more. However when I was younger and I did I fell in love with this product. The scent is gorgeous and fresh and the foam itself lathers beautifully.

Loverdose Tattoo - Diesel

Once again here we have another empty of a staple product to me. The Loverdose Diesel perfume. Any of you that like the original Loverdose perfume will love this deeper and muskier version.  

Simply Pure - Wipes

I picked up these Simply Pure wipes a while back for my daily face wipes. I like to give my face a quick wipe in the morning before I do my hair and make-up for work. It just means I can have a quick freshen up! I know make-up wipes get a lot of negative press in the blogging world but I think my skin will forgive me for the odd freshening up!

Simple Kind To Skin Cleansing Wipes

The same goes for these Kind To Skin cleansing wipes. I used these to freshen my face up as well. I must admit they are much better that the Simply Pure ones I found in Poundland... as you would expect. But the Simply Pure ones are a great affordable alternative.

The Co-operative Nail Varnish Remover

This nail polish remover ended up being a hidden gem for myself. I once asked Gaz to pick me up some nail polish remover when I was staying at his and freshening up my nails. He ended up picking up the co-operative nail varnish remover and it works unbelievably well. It removes polish so easily and doesn't leave your hands and nails feeling ridiculously dry.

Simply Home - Yankee Candles

I've become obsessed with candles since moving out. I've got more in my house than I care to admit to and I have gone through far too many in the past 5 months of living here. I finished a simply home Yankee Candle jar of cherry vanilla and two samplers from the simply home Yankee Candle range; cranberry zest and vanilla frosting.

Dove Beauty Cream Bar

I'm a picky one when it comes to soap. I have to watch what sets of my sensitive skin. The dove beauty cream bar was gentle enough that it didn't seem to make me all red and itchy! Thoroughly recommend for any of you that also suffer from sensitive skin.

Bath Bombs, Face Masks and Samples!

Lastly I have a few bath bombs that I finished from the Wilkinsons range. They are so affordable that it's actually nice to be able to use them on a regular basis and not feel guilty! The scents are absolutely gorgeous too. I must admit however rhubarb and vanilla was my least favourite... The face mask was also lovely and left my skin feeling soft and smelling beautiful! You can also see I got through a little sachet of the Clarins serum. It was nice to try but you can never really tell how well a product like this works from such a small sample sachet!

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  1. I love the neutrogena products, I use the visibly clear pink grapefruit face wash and it not only smells amazing but doesn't break me out at all (a big feat on sixteen year old skin haha). I also adore the cherry vanilla yankee candle, I buy endless amounts of the votives every time I'm in Sainburys or Asda.

    Maddie //


  2. So many empties! I'm a big fan of Neutrogena make-up removers and cleansers, they always make my skin feel great :-)

    1. I love them! They make my skin feel very fresh!