Sunday 12 May 2013

Product Empties #3

So I thought since it was Sunday I would give you guys a light blog post on some more product empties! Only 4 this past month but I hope you enjoy them!

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Above: Neutrogena Blackhead wipes

These I must admit as you can tell I found in my skincare bag. There were only five left so I used them once a day for five days of one week. I don't have problems with acne or blackheads but back when I had acne I used to, hence why I had originally bought this product! Anyway I did find that some of the more subtle blackheads did work their way out, those ones that we forget about on our nose mostly. So it was nice that all my skin was fully clear. Like I said since I don't really suffer from blackheads I won't be repurchasing this but I would recommend it to those that do. I believe these now only come as part of Neutrogena's Wave kit whereas when I bought them they were separate. So if you suffer from acne and blackheads it may be worth looking into the Wave by Neutrogena.

Above: Loverdose by Diesel shower gel

Loverdose by Diesel has been my daily perfume sine I was about 19 I believe. It was the only perfume that wouldn't give me headaches and now I find I can wear perfume without headaches now! Anyway I am going off topic, this body lotion cane in a small sample size of 50ml with a Christmas gift set I received with a new bottle of perfume. Its lasted since December till April with me using it twice a week. I usually use this the night before I go to uni when I shower, I put this on my loofa mixed with my soap and it leaves me smelling of my perfume. The reason I do this is I get up at 5am twice a week to be out the door just before 7am. So I like to use this so I smell nicely scented throughout the next day! I already have another bigger bottle of this which is full sized at 200ml but I will definitely continue to keep repurchasing this product! Then after my bath I apply a little to my skin as an actual body lotion. So I kind of use it as a multi purpose product!

Above: Pack of 200ml cotton pads

What can I say again? These are always in my products empties, great for removing make-up, applying toner, taking of nail varnish... pretty much a beauty staple and yes I will carry on repurchasing these by the bucket load!

Above: Tea Tree Pure Essential Oil

This is a product I only use occasionally but when I do its essential. This month I had a little bit of acne (three spots on my jawline), now to me that's bad! So straight away I applied this using a cotton ear bud directly onto the acne spot. What this does is it treats the spot with Tea Tree Oil as well as dries out the targeted area so it doesn't produce any oils. I only had a little bit left in the bottle but after one night and one day treatment the spots were gone! This is my go to spot treatment for my skin and I have already repurchased this. One word of advice to people considering this item, it is very drying do not use it all over the face, only as a targeted treatment to certain areas of the skin! Another tip I find useful is to add one or two drops of this to your facial wash if you suffer from acne or to your bath if you suffer from body acne, it'll work a treat!

So that is it for the product empties! I hope you enjoyed this quick Sunday Blog post! If you have any questions on the products I have listed feel free to leave a comment and I will get back to you! In the meantime go checkout my other reviews!

Bye guys!

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