Wednesday 1 May 2013

MUA blushes review

MUA or Make-up Academy are a brand that go way back with me to when I started make-up all the way up until today when I have started using more of their products. Recently I purchased their fixing mist which I loved (of which a review of can be found here) however two of the very first products I purchased from MUA are their blushes. Up until a few months ago until I replaced my blusher to Natural Collection Sweet Cheeks I used these blushers as my everyday blush.You can tell their age by their packaging but the colours are similar if not the same to the current MUA blushers in shade 1 and shade 4 if you are looking for their present day counterparts.

Above: MUA Blushers 

As you can see I've had there blushers for a while, but I have to stay as a starter blusher set these two blushes served me well. The blusher you see on the right which I find comparable to shade 4 in the present day collection I can use as an everyday blush and gives an amazing colour pay off.
Above: The darker of the two blushes with images of the blush on my hand without flash (top) and with (bottom)

As you can see from the pictures above when the blush is on the skin it gives a lovely just highly pigmented red colour that has the typical blush finish. The finish of this blush is very smooth but also light catching. When this blush is photographed in then gives a lighter colour pay off of a pink tone with hints of red undertones. I love how this blush is not like my Natural Collection blush (of which I reviewed here) which got completely wiped out on camera. This blush I use on a night out so I know that a hint of colour will be on my face.

Above: The lighter of the two shades of MUA blushes with a swatch with no flash, top photo, and with flash, bottom photo.

Now this blush I picked up for a different reason. When I first purchased this it was back when I did dance classes when we needed to use our own make-up during performances. We needed make-up that wouldn't be washed out by lights or photography and that would also catch the eye. This pink blush is perfect for that! As you can see on the top photograph without flash the blush has a lovely natural pink colour but when flash is applied it almost resembles a baby pink colour with a lovely natural shine to it. At the time I found this perfect for performance make-up but again now I find this as a perfect going out/picture taking blush and I also sometimes double it up as a highlight in some eye-shadow work!

Now on to my usual positives and negatives!

  • Cheap - MUA blushes only cost £1! 
  • Highly pigmented
  • Quality of packaging is always good for the low pricing!
  • I'd love to see a wider variety of colours and ones with less shimer

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