Friday 3 May 2013

Maybelline The Colossal volum' express review

So before I used Maybelline The rocket mascara as my daily mascara, of which I have reviewed and can be found here, I used Maybelline The Colossal Volum' mascara. I am pretty sure I am one of the biggest fans of Maybelline mascaras, as someone with naturally long and thick eyelashes (which weirdly I have my dad to thank for...) I like wands that are big and thick (that's what she said...) and voluminous and lengthening in the formula they have as I think they work best with my eyelashes. The Colossal definitely lives up to the type of mascaras I want and like.

Above: The Colossal Volum' express mascara in 100% black and regular black

The Colossal is available in 100%, regular black and waterproof. Above I have 100% black and black and to be honest there really is that much of a difference in the intensity of the black but if ones not available at least you know you can go for the other. The Colossal mascara goes for around £5.99 currently, definitely and affordable mascara. In my experience these mascaras are also able to last a good few months of daily use. 

Above: Maybelline  The Collossal mascara and its wand on the right

As you can see much like the other Maybelline mascaras the wand is really think, fluffy and long which allows for volume in the lashes. The spaces in the brush also evenly distribute the product through the lashes. The stopper in the bottle of the product is also very good at evenly distributing the product onto the wand rather than letting it clump at the end of the wand that can often happen.

Above: A close up of the mascara wand

As you can see from the close up image of the wand although there are a lot of bristles on the brush they are not tightly packed together, they have enough space in-between to concentrate the mascara on all of your lashes. The formula itself initially when it came out was described as having a rose scent. I agree with this but it's not a scent that lingers on the eyes or around for very long, but the scent was commented on when The Colossal initially was released.

Above: Eyelashes in natural light - Open, left and Closed, right

From the photos above you can see the results of the mascara, the products manages to make each lash black and as you can tell from my lashes being closed you can see how the thickness of the lashes improves and looks incredibly full. As for the lift of the lashes you can see on the right, its a natural lift but not as 'out there' or dramatic as The Rocket gives to the lashes. I think it gives a daytime style volume to the lashes whereas The Rocket gives a more evening type thickness to the lashes. Now on to the positives and negatives of this product as usual!

  • At £5.99 its an affordable drug-store mascara
  • The colour intensity is solidly black
  • Good, sturdy packaging
  • Lashes appear thicker and slightly more voluminous
  • No fallout or smudging throughout the day
  • Rose scent can be off putting
  • Doesn't offer the most of dramatic looks in comparison to the other Maybelline mascaras but is great for day looks


  1. I am pretty sure I am one of the biggest fans of Maybelline mascaras too and I'm inviting you to my blog :)

    1. I swear as soon as I tried one of their mascaras I have been hooked to try everyone since! Thank you! If you are interested in my blog please follow through GFC (Google Friends connect)



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