Thursday 30 May 2013

NYC (New York Colour) - Expert Last Nail Polish in Classy-Glassy review

This NYC product is one of those products I picked up randomly and now I will never not pick it up. One day I nipped into Superdrug to have a look through the MUA stand. I needed a new top coat as I always have my nails painted so I go through top coat a lot. I like to pick up top coats I feel would work as a bas coat just to save a bit of money so I thought this NYC Expert Lasting Nail Polish would do the job. It claims on the bottle to elongate the nails wear to 10 days. It doesn't state on the bottle do be a top or a base coat but rather just has the name Classy-Glassy for the 'colour' I suppose you would say. So I thought I would give this a go! I picked it up on the way out looking at the NYC nail stand as it was for the cheap price of £2.49 and I had some spare change!

Above: NYC Expert lasting nail polish in Classy-glassy

One thing I love about this product is that it comes in a different nail polish container than you normally see. So in my big bag of nail polishes I can easily distinguish it. Another is that it comes with a lot of product, which is good since I use it for a top and base coat for every nail look. In the container is 9.7ml or 0.33fl oz. Although I found this to be less than my Rimmel London Ultra shine top coat that also boasts to elongate nail polish for up to ten days wear I felt that this product works much better so I'd take the dip in contents inside the bottle. However it is bigger than say your standard Rimmel London colour polishes that come in a standard 8ml bottle. 
Above: The NYC Nail brush

The brush is also bigger than your standard nail polish brush. It is longer and has thicker bristles so when you place the brush on your nail it spreads out meaning you only really have to go over your nail bed once, making the base and top coat application or each nail effortless and quick.

Above: The NYC Classy-Glassy nail polish with my marbled nails which have this as a base coat; 5 days into wear

Onto the wear of this product. I have used this as a base and top coat for my nails for the past two months. I am now on to my second bottle and finishing up the last bits of the first. As someone who paints there nails once or twice a week and uses this as a top and base coat I felt like this nail polish lasted a good time. After using this for two months on each nail look I am proud with how it has competed against nail polishes I have used as a top and base coat in the past! The nail polish as a top and base coat stops any chipping on the edges of the nails to at least four/five days wear. As you can tell from the above picture of my current marbled nails the nails are still not chipped; impressive as there is also an extra layer of glitter nail polish on top of they layers I used for the look. As you can tell by the picture the shine of the top coat lasts days after it applied, it doesn't usually dull down till about day 7 or 8 which for me is amazing! If I want to re-apply some shine I usually just add another coat! With this polish the nails at the edges usually tend to chip around 8/9 days in which for me is excellent as I am always typing and writing and even taking care of animals at home so for them to last that long is amazing! The centre of the nail always remains un-chipped and polished so really the only signs of wear are the chipped edged at days 8/9! Overall for the price of £2.49 I am in love with this product and I imagine the two bottles I have now will not be the last of the product!

Now on to my usual positives and negatives!

  • Cheap!
  • Can be used as a base and top coat
  • The just applied shine remains throughout the whole of its wear
  • Solution is not too thick or thin, its just the right consistency - especially for those nail looks that have layers upon layers of polish

For once I can't think of one! I love everything about this product!

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