Wednesday 1 May 2013

Natural Collection Blush in Sweet Cheeks review

So for those of you that live in the UK and shop at boots I'm sure you will have heard of the brand natural collection. For those of you that haven't Natural Collection is boots own brand makeup line that usually offers every product all the time on a deal of 3 for £5 or if you would like to buy individually each item is £1.99. Although I wouldn't recommend buying your whole makeup collection from there collection there are a few hidden jems. Today I am going to review one of their blushes in the colour Sweet Cheeks.

Above: Natural collection blush in Sweet Cheeks

As you can see above this is the product. The packaging is simple; in order for the price to be so cheap. The whole container itself is made from plastic with the typical metal pan inside containing the product. The only annoyance I have with the packaging is that the pans of the blushes or the eyeshadows always tend to come loose, which isn't too big of a problem I usually just glue it back in, but it can be a little annoying that it depots itself!

Above: Left; the blush swatch on my hand without flash and right; the blush swatch on my hand with flash

As you can tell from the above pictures the blush itself is a dark almost red colour but in any flash photography comes out a lighter shade of pink. The redness of the product itself in real life is a nice natural blush to the cheeks that fades gradually over the day. I wear this blush because its not an obnoxious blush and since I use so much makeup on my eyes usually I don't like to overpower my face with a strong blush. As you will tell in the picture below the colour in photography is not over the top but in person it is slightly more darker. It basically gives that just pinched look to the cheeks!

Above: A picture with me wearing the blush

As you can tell this blush in natural lighting photography is not to evident but in real life gives that slight glow of blush that you need. This is my biggest recommendation for those of you wanting a really subtle blush and don't want to pay over the top to get that look! The lasting power of these is a few hours but if you'd like the intensity that you get after the first application I would suggest re-applying throughout the day. Now on to the usual positives and negatives!


  • Cheap and always on offer
  • Easily accessible in the UK as its boots own line of products
  • No fragrance
  • Good colour pay off


  • Packaging can sometimes be annoying of it chooses to depot itself
  • Not an intense blush if you're looking for that
  • Can sometimes be a bit powdery so I use the powder that's collected on the lid

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