Monday 29 April 2013

Collection 2000 Fast Stroke eyeliner

Collection 2000 are a brand I have a long term relationship with. When I first started using make-up when I was around 16 Collection 2000 was easily accessible and more to the point cheap and affordable. You could purchase it from boots, it would last long enough for a college day and was cheap enough that if a powder got smashed or an eye-liner leaked that it wouldn't be the end of the world. So when I went through the eye-liners I wanted to review I thought I would review one of my very original ones that I used to use.

With my eye-liner  I look for an eye-liner that is a solid black colour. I also look for an eye-liner that doesn't smudge easily or go watery at the corners of my eyes from wearing contact lenses. As a rule I like an eye-liner to last around 4/5 hours without having to worry about a touch up and I like a brush/applicator that can allow me to create a thin and thick line depending on if I a wearing the eye-liner for everyday or work.

Above: Collection 2000 Fast Stroke Eye-liner

Above you can see a picture of the product itself. This product itself retails for £2.99 at Superdrug (in the UK). For £2.99 the container is made solidly and I have had no problems with leaking. The brush is professionally done and creates solid lines.

Above: Collection 2000 Fast Stroke Eye-liner brush

The long tip of the container has the brush at the end of it when you remove the lid. The main bit of the brush is solid with the tip being slightly flexible allowing for a bit more movement when applying eye-liner  I found this particularly useful when creating a cat eye look or a winged tip look.

Above: An attempt at a thicker line and a thinner line for a swatch

In order to provide a swatch for this product for you guys I thought I would produce a thicker line and a thinner line; the thicker line being on the top and the thinner line being on the bottom. As you can see when the thinner line is produced the eye-liner is applied smoothly however with the top line it can be seen as a bit more liquidy. However both lines are a lovely solid black that I prefer an eye-liner to have. Now on to the actual eye-liner itself and its wear-ability.
Above: Eye-liner applied in the morning

In the above picture you can see my eye-liner that I applied at 11am before going out for the day till 6pm. The lines are solid and able to get close to the lash line and also produce a very dark black colour.

Above: Eyeliner after 6pm

As you can see from my bluergh face this picture was taken at the end of the day just after 6pm after 7 hours of wear of this eye-liner. I wore this make-up out all day and the weather was windy and going from warm to cold (just to give you an idea of the environment I wore this eye-liner in). As you can see the line is completely their still - there are no chips in the eye-liner even right to the tear duct of the eye on the top line. The bottom line also stayed in tact. Although the colour slightly lost the intensity that it had when I first applied it it still has a pretty solid colour seven hours later... pretty impressive! I must say after digging this out of my make-up bag to review I will definitely be trying out this eye-liner for my new everyday one in the future! Now on to the usual positives and negatives of this product!

  • Cheap price but a good quality product and packaging
  • Easily accessible at drug-stores
  • Creates a solid black line
  • Brush that comes with the eye-liner is of solid quality
  • Longevity of this product is amazing
  • Can feel watery and wet when first applied to the skin

Sunday 28 April 2013

Batiste Dry Shampoo review

So today I'm going to be talking about a product I think every girl has tried, dry shampoo. Personally I've used this for a lot of different reasons. I used it when I did dance when my hair would have to stay in the same style overnight, I used it when I used to dart from university to college to work and I also used it at Leeds festival last year. There is always the one brand I use; Batiste.

Above: Batiste Dry Shampoo

I have black hair but rather than using the dry shampoo specifically designed for my black hair I prefer the original as I can see where the powder has gone and how to blend it in. I have very thick and long hair so sometimes in the summer when I'm a bit more sweaty or when my hair is feeling lank I use this to add volume to my hair. I also use this when I have just had my hair dyed to make the colour last longer. Overall I would say for such a cheap price this dry shampoo is really worth picking up. I think dry shampoo is something that you rarely use but when you need it you NEED IT! I can definitely say that this product was a lifesaver at Leeds festival! This is a very quick review because all I can say is that this dry shampoo does what it says on the tin, it absorbs the grease and makes your hair appear less greasy; although you may still feel your hair needs a wash. There are a variety of these dry shampoos available such as;

  1. Batiste fragrance which come in the fragrances - Blush, Lace, Cherry, Fresh, Tropical and Original
  2. Batiste Large cans which are the more value for money cans (which I purchase). If you use dry shampoo a lot its worth getting these so your room doesn't get full of the cans and you save money. These are available in - Blush, Original and Tropical
  3. The Boots exclusive range which include - Wild, Graffiti and their party trio pack
  4. Batiste hint of colour range for those looking for a powder to match their particular hair colour. These are available in - Brown (dark and light), Blonde and Red
  5. Batiste XXL volume designed to create voluminous hair - available in big and bouncy
  6. Lastly Batiste travel sizes which come in 50ml travel sized containers and are available in - Original,  Blush, Tropical and Cherry
Out of their available scents I have tried Original, Tropical, Fresh and Blush. I always use Original as I honestly prefer my hair products to not have scents as I feel like your hair can hold scents for a while so I don't like a smell to linger. As I mentioned before I do buy the larger cans as I buy these cans often enough to buy the bigger ones. These bigger cans come as large as 400ml in some stores with the next one down being 200ml. I try to pick up the 400ml to save money. The next product I would like to try would be their Batiste XXL volume so if I do pick this up I will be sure to review it!

Now on to the positives and negatives!

  • Cheap
  • Available easily in the UK, not only just in boots
  • Available in different sizes so perfect for handbags or for at home 
  • Available in different colours, styles and scents so plenty to try and their should be one for everyone
  • Perfect for festivals!
  • Even the larger cans tend to not last as long as say a hair spray
  • Some of the scents can be a bit musky due to the absorbent nature of the product
As always hope you found this review helpful!

Friday 26 April 2013

FakeBake Flawless self tan review

So one thing you should know about me; I am naturally incredibly pale. Every summer for 20 years all I have ever done is tried to tan and ended up peeling and burning. So this year I was interested in trying out a fake tan for the first time ever! The brand I decided to try on recommendation was the Fake Bake Flawless self tan liquid as pictured below. What I loved about this product is that is actually is flawless and it actually comes with the application mitt inside! I managed to purchase mine from boots for around about £25 which I didn't think was too bad of a price in comparison to its competitors.

Above: The FakeBake tanning liquid box 

Inside the box, pictured above, was the actual tanning liquid which contained 170ml and also a tanning mitt to apply the tanning liquid to your body.

Above: The Fake Bake flawless self tan liquid

As you can see the actual liquid itself comes in the box. It initially comes with a screw lid on it which you can then change for the spray lid that is included. You can tip the product out but it is much more widely used as a spray. As you can see on the right the tanning solution also comes with an application mitt. One side (not pictured) is white and can be used to ex foliate the skin. Personally I prefer to use St Ives Body scrub to ex-foliate along with my loofa from Soap and Glory however its nice to know they give you a tool which you can ex-foliate with as this is where people tend to go wrong with self tanners.

How I use this product

In circular motions directly on my body (unless otherwise mentioned) I apply the following to my body;

  • Four sprays to each arm, two on the top and two on the bottom half
  • Three sprays on the chest/ neck area
  • One spray to the stomach and one spray directly on the mitt to touch up
  • One spray on the mitt for bottom half of back and one spray on mitt for top part of back
  • Three sprays on each thigh and two sprays on the bottom half of my leg
  • One spray on the mitt for each foot to spread across the top of my feet

The Results

Above: My legs before (left) and after (right)
Above: My arms before (left) and after (right)

As you can tell from the pictures I have included this product gives a lovely natural tan to the body, it actually makes the skin look flawless and sun kissed as opposed to orange and is build-able throughout the days wear. My only negative is that it does wash off within a few washes (which may be a positive to those that only want a fake tan temporarily) however bar this I find it perfect! I love this product! As for streaks or patches I didn't have a problem with this as I moisturise a lot and ex-foliate a lot so my only tip would be to be diligent with both of those things!

As always here are my positives and negatives!

  • For those new to fake tanning like myself it is easy to apply and comes with instructions on how to apply
  • Comes with application mitt
  • Liquid lasts a long time
  • Smell is initially nice for a few hours
  • Leaves a flawless, natural colour to the skin
  • Doesn't come off on the bed sheets in my experience
  • Reasonable price
  • Able to apply to the face
  • Build-able colour 
  • Has that fake tan smell in the morning
  • After a few washes it can come off

Since using this product I'd also like to point out I've had numerous complements on my skin and how lovely and natural this product looks! I hope you all enjoyed this review and check out some more of my other reviews!

What's in my bag dare you ask?

Hey guys, so I've seen alot of these done by people on YouTube, a 'What is in my handbag' video so I thought why not do a more laid back blog and talk about what's in my handbag? One thing you should know about my handbag is that it goes with me EVERYWHERE. Even on a night out! I'm known as the 20 year old mum amongst friends because I have so many little 'necessities' in my bag that everyone's usually asking to borrow! So on to it!

Above: My university/lazy day bag
So here is bag number one that I use, this is my go to every day lazy bag or my bag for uni as its big enough to fit my text books and notepads in along with my pens and my breakfast. I love how it matches the boots I pretty much always wair and its black so it goes with everything! I bought this from new look about a year ago and it was around £15 at that time. It comes with a detachable shoulder strap which you can attach to either side of the bag at its shoulder straps.

Above: My going out/everyday/night out/ day with friends bag

So this is my second bag. Its about half the size of my other one but I love this one as it has compartments where I can organise all my things. It has two side compartments two the bag where I put my eye stuff and makeup on one side, and on the other holds miscellaneous items such as tissues and things like that! It has some stud detailing on the front which alternates between a skull and a stud (shown below) and I got this from Amazon a few weeks ago! I love it! This bag comes with a shoulder strap.

Above: The Skull and Stud detailing that is on my bag

Now lets get into the nitty gritty of what is actually in my bag!

Above: My Fold away hair brush, and my hair clip

These are the hair related items I carry with me. Sometimes I like to squeeze my big paddle brush into my hand bag but for days I don't want to I carry around my big brush (like when I go to uni or a night out) I carry my small fold away brush with a mirror. I also carry around my hair clip in case I want to put my hair in an up do or in case it gets warmer as my hair is very thick.

Above: My glasses case with my Sunglasses (New Look) Contact lenses and Glasses

The next thing I chuck in my bag is a glasses case which I also got from New Look last year for around £5. I got the sunglasses also from New look for around £5 and the have full UV protection. When I am wearing my contact lenses, which is pretty much all the time, I take out my contact lenses case with solution and my glasses in case I want to take my contacts out or end up staying at my boyfriends or a friends.

Above: Also a must have, my purse! Also from New Look.

Above is my purse which I got from New Look about a year ago as well. I call it my granny purse and I bought it because it looks old fashioned and usually sticks out amongst my friends purses. It also goes along with the mother of the group persona I seem to have built amongst friends. It has a place for cards, cash and change. 

Above: A few random items I like to take with me including my Apple headphones, Chewies and Tic Tacs, tissues and Hand cream.

These are the few random items I take out with me which include my apple headphones for when I'm walking and commuting so I can listen to music on my Iphone, chewies and Tic Tacs for my breath or for when I feel like nibbling (also everyone always wants chewies!) a pack of tissues (to correct make-up or for...well... obvious reasons) and my Vaseline healthy hands and stronger nails hand cream which is a must have in my bag as I moisturise my hands all the time.

Above: My fingerless mitten gloves and my snood/scarf.

I got these fingerless mitten gloves from New Look also about a year ago and I love them. They are perfect for when I commute when I am fiddling getting train tickets out and they are also perfect for my Iphone as I can stil use my phone with these on! My next item is my scarf which can be worn as a snood. I always wear it as a snood usually with whatever I'm wearing as I get cold easily. The snood is great to chuck on to feel snug when you are walking home in the night!

Above: My second glasses case containing my Lip gloss by Natural collection in Vanilla, my red lipstick by Rimmel London in Diva Red, my Loreal Paris liquid eye-liner and my Fraulien 38 portable lip brush 

A random thing to put all these products in a glasses container but this glasses container (from Specsavers) basically used to have my glasses in with a few bits of make-up frown in with it. Since then I've always kept my go to make-up touch up tools for ease of access! I always carry around my vanilla lip gloss to keep my lips shiny and moisturised, my red lipstick for the evening with my portable lip brush to help apply it and my eye-liner to touch up my eye make-up during the day and to make my eye make-up more dramatic in the evenings.

Above: Just keeps getting moreeee random! My face powder and a tub of Vaseline with a pen and a highlighter. 

Now here we have the random items! First of all I carry around an old face powder that I don't mind getting lost or damaged tha has a face sponge. This is so I can blot my skin with powder. I also carry around Vaseline in case my lips get chapped or in case I am wearing heels so I can take a little bit and apply some on my feet if I feel a blister may start. I also carry around a pen and a highlighter for uni. I usually leave this in my bag though in case I need a pen... not to sure why I do it with the highlighter though!

So thats pretty much it! It was unusual taking out all of the things I had in my bag and taking photos of them because it made me realise how much I carry! I usually shove in a coat or a cardigan or a hoodie in my bag too so no wonder I always have terrible back pains!

Anyway I hope you all enjoyed this post and feel free to ask me about any of the products/ where I got them and to check out the rest of my blog!


Superdrug Mud Masks Review

Hey guys! Thought I'd write a review on an own brand product this time! Today its Superdrugs own variety of Mud masks! Let me give you a little background here... I use mud masks mostly to tone my skin and help with my t-zone (it helps my skin to stop being so oily there for a few days). For me since I use a mud mask each week I don't want to be spending above and beyond for mud masks as truth be told they all mostly do the same thing unless they are really bad... Superdrug mud masks come in at only £2.59 for a 75ml container. One of these usually last me about 3 or four months doing a face mask once or twice weekly (twice if I'm randomly bored on the odd week!) I have tried 3 of the 4 available. The only I have not tried is the sensitive mud mask they make. Since my skin on my face isn't too sensitive I don't think it would be too benificial for me.

Above: Superdrug Mud therapy; Rasberry Exfoliating mud mask

This is the mud mask I have most recently tried. I LOVE the smell of this one and I like the idea of it ex-foliating at the same time so I don't have to do that. The only bit that I don't like about this mask is the lazy side of me that when I wipe this off outside of the shower the ex-foliating beads go everywhere; so I choose to take these off in the shower when I apply them. This leaves my skin feeling soft, toned and ex-foliated.
Above: Appearance of the mask on your skin

For your interest; above is a picture of this masks appearance on the skin (those bumps aren't acne or my skin they are the beads!)

Above: Superdrug Mud mask in Aloe Vera Deep cleansing

This is a mask I have just actually emptied and completley finished up. What I like about this mask is that it includes Aloe Vera but doesn't reek of the stuff, it just has a slight smell. It also dries quickly and has a very nice feel on the skin

Above: The finish of this mask on the skin

As you can see this face mask dries very solidly and is easily removed. I like that when this mask dries it doesn't dry out the skin as well, it just dries indicating that the time for it to be on the face has passed. This can be easily removed using a face cloth however I prefer to take my masks off in the shower so that is my usual method of removal with this mask. 

Above: Superdrug Mud Therapy Deep Cleansing mud mask

And finally the Superdrug Mud Therapy Deep Cleansing mud mask. This is the mud mask that most reminds me of those old fashioned masks that actually look like mud on the face. This is basically the no frills attached version of the mask for if you just want a basic mask. This is the next one I will be working on finishing up as its almost empty as you can tell from the picture. But from the months of use I've gotten from this I'm in love with it as I am with the others! Once again this mask tones the skin leaving it matte looking and removing any grease!
Above: How the cream looks applied (On my hand as I haven't used this one in a while!)

As you can see from this picture the mask has a classic mud mask look to it which I like. Definitely a recommendation to those of you wanting a basic mud mask or an ideal mud mask to buy for you and your friends before nights out/sleepovers and things like that!

So what are my overall thoughts on this product?

  • Cheap! If you wanted to buy all four (including the sensitive skin one I didnt review) it would cost you just over £10; similar to the salon cost of one facial
  • The containers lasts for months
  • They products leave your skin feeling fresh up to seven days after use
  • They help to soften and tone the skin
  • Helps clear the complexion colour of your skin
  • Easily available in the UK
  • Not available to those in the US
  • Tops of bottles can get messy, keep on top of cleaning them!
  • If you choose to use a face flannel to take the masks off, it will be all over the flannel but a quick dunk in the sink or wash does remove this
Overall I love these products! I will update this blog post if I manage to use the sensitive skin one! For now I hope you all decide to give this mask a try! Bye guys!

Monday 22 April 2013

MUA Nail Constellations review!

So I have been getting really into my nail art lately. One small fact about me is that my nails are always painted. However recently I've been trying products out like MUA nail constellations. Check out below for my review!

Above: MUA Nail Constellations in Leo (Left) and Pisces (Right) 

Above is a picture of the two varieties of this product I decided to try as they included colours I wear alot and like. The two I chose were Leo and Pisces. I bought these at Superdrug for £3 each! As you can probably tell they are all named after star signs! For this review I chose to demonstrate Leo for you.

Above: MUA Nail Constellations on my ring finger with Rimmel London 60 seconds polish in 'Funtime Fushia on my other nails

The above picture was taken just after the constellations were applied and this picture is with flash. To apply the product is simple. You paint the base of your nail with a colour that closely matches the constellations you are working with ( I chose Rimmel London 60 seconds polish in the colour Funime Fuchia) and then you sprinkle the constellations over! Simple! However one thing you should note about these is that you cannot apply a top coat to them! For some reason it strips the colour of the beads, so I would advise not to pply a top coat!

Above: MUA Nail Constellations the next day with an applied top coat 

As you can see the next day a few beads had fallen off and I changed my other nails a bit to make it less bright. I had also tried a top coat on the beads and as you can tell it dulled the colour. If you don't want to lose the colour of the product I would suggest to leave applying a top coat to the nail you have applied constellations to! 

Overall here are my outlined positives and negatives to this product!

  • Creates a unique look
  • Creates a colourful accent nail
  • The staying power is okay for a night out
  • Although it looks like a small amount if you use them on one accent nail it lasts for a long time
  • At £3 each they are cheap and cheap enough to give a go!
  • Isn't very practical, I usually apply this as an accent nail for a night out and then remove it the next day and paint that nail the same as the others again
  • When removing them it can be a bit messy with all the constellations!
  • Can be messy to begin with but you get the hang of it
My overall recommendation of this product is to use these for a night out, they look interesting and will definitely stand out against all those French tip manicures!

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Product empties #2

So on my last product empties blog I wrote about how rarely I go through products and how another empties blog may be a long time coming... Incorrect! Since then I decided to search my drawers for products I no longer use or are coming towards the end of their shelf life so I can actually get them all used up and hopefully see some benefits from them once again before they finish! So lets get back in to another empties blog post!

Update: Click the below links to checkout other product empties posts!

Above: Johnsons Cotton Buds
As I said last time I go through these so quick, I use them to correct eye make-up, clean around my ear piercings and I use them to clean up around my nails when I paint them; particularly when I do marble nails! Once again I will be picking this up again, basic product and a must have for me! A definite re purchase!

Above: Tea Tree Cleansing Wipes

When I found these again there was only around half the packet left. I used to use these for acne, I basically had tea tree oil in all my products in order to combat acne. However now puberty is long gone and I used these up by wiping the insides of my make-up bag and over the handles of my brushes so that I could give them a good clean. I also used a few on my face when I came in lazily from nights out after taking my make-up off so my face felt clean. I always love the feel that tea tree oil gives to your face (that lovely tingly fresh feeling) however since my skin doesn't really have an acne problem any more I won't be repurchasing these.

Above: Tea Tree Pure Essential Oil

Again another product I used during my bad acne days that I found. I've been using this on the odd occasion I get a bad blemish to dry the area out so my combination normal/oily skin doesn't feed the spot and make it worse! I can say it has helped stop any spots actually developing into spots and simply dries it out and gets rid of it! I use this by saturating a cotton bud tip and placing the tip on the area for a few seconds until the product is applied. I would re-purchase this however I still have a small container of this left. One that has been finished I will repurchase this product.

Above: Superdrug Aloe Vera Deep Cleansing Mud Mask

I will be including this product in a review to come soon but I can say I absolutely love this product. This product I've been using every week for about 6 months, it lasts so long! I love how toned and clear my skin looks after using this product. I even cut open this product as you can see and placed it in a little container as there was still some product left for me to use. I'd say there is at least one use left in there when you cut it open and scoop it out. (I'm taking the empties tag very seriously!) I have two more types of masks of this product from Superdrug but I will be repurchasing these for as long as they stock them!

Above: Loreal Paris Illuminating Serum Colour Protect

Above is a product that I have used since I have started dying my hair black (since the age of 16, I'm now almost 21). I use this once a week usually however I use it mostly when I have just had my hair dyed to maintain the colour. I use all the Loreal Paris Colour Protect range on my colour and I can honestly say that it keeps the colour of my hair there until the next colouring for it, which is impressive as black over blonde is hard to maintain, and the condition of my hair is still as soft and strong as the day I dyed my hair for the first time almost five years ago! I have half a container left of this product after finishing this one but after that is finished I will be repurchasing this!

Saturday 13 April 2013

Nail Art #2

Hey guys just another post of some more nail art I've done! Hope you enjoy!

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Products I've hated!

So I thought occasionally rather than doing in detail product reviews of products I absolutely hate I would bunch them up together in one big hateful blog post! Hate is a strong word but with these products in particular I can honestly say I did find them slightly annoying.

Above: Nivea Invisible for Black and White Deodorant

I never thought I'd find myself ranting about a deodorant but here it is, I am! I asked my mum to pick me up some new deodorant whilst she was out as I was running low. She came back with this for me to try, as you can see it was on sale and now  understand why! This deodorant is supposed to be just like any other normal deodorant however it is meant to help with white marks or yellow marks you can sometimes get on white and black clothing. Firstly the smell to me was very soapy which I did not find pleasant. Next the formula of the product was awful! The product should be shaken well before application to activate the product which avoid white mark stains on your clothes. However 9/10 the product would just spray foam at you and still make a mark on your clothing! Definitely not a recommended product and another example of a gimmick style product.

Above: Cutex Acetone Free Nail Polish Remover

If you have read my previous blog posts you will see I use the Cutex Nail polish remover. However I decided I would give the acetone free nail polish remover a go as I use nail polish and nail polish remover a lot and I felt if I could use something less drying to my nails it would be beneficial in the long run. I can honestly say I HATE this nail polish remover! I have since found out all acetone free nail polish removers tend to be weak but this wouldn't even budge any of my nail polish even if I completely saturated a pad in the stuff. This is really no good for me as I constantly do nail looks with multiple coats of colour or different polishes so it was really no good at all. Sadly I have one full bottle of this left and half of another as this was on a buy one get one free offer when I purchased it (again now I know why). I will not repurchase this but I will try and use this for when I am just removing the edges of nail polish off my skin when it sometimes goes over the cuticle.

Anyway thank you for reading through my mini rant on some bad products I have experienced! These type of blog posts will only happen when I encounter products I absolutely hate so HOPEFULLY don't expect many!

Thanks for reading!

Product Empties #1

So I have seen a lot of people and reviewers on Youtube do these 'product empties' videos lately. I thought I would write a blogpost on product empties as and when I get them! Some people do this monthly but honestly I don't use products that quickly so I thought I would do a group collection of sorts and just keep record of them! Basically in these blogs I will give a brief outline of what they are for, what I use them for and how I felt about these products and also if I will be repurchasing them in the future.

Update: I have written some newer product empties blogs! Go check them out:

Above: Johnson and Johnson cotton buds, cosmetic cotton pads and Cutex ultra cleansing nail polish remover

Above are some products I go through a ridiculous amounts of, so for this reason I won't involve these in every product empties blog I do. These are pretty much essentials for me and my beauty regimes. I use the Johnson and Johnson cotton buds (or any style of cotton bud, they all do the same) to clean off the edges of my nails when I apply nail varnish and also to correct any mistakes I may make on my eyeliner. I use the cotton cosmetic pads to remove my nail polish from my nails as well as to apply toner to my skin twice daily and to remove make-up with in conjunction with my make-up removers. Another product I also go through a lot of is Cutex nail polish remover, its quick and does the job and is not to drying to the nail despite containing acetone. As you can see I go through these products simply because they are multi functional (all bar the nail polish remover). I will always use these products!

Above: Elvive Colour Protect Conditioning Protect Spray and Clean and Clear Exfoliating Daily Wash

Now on to some slightly varied empties products. Firstly the Elvive Colour Protect which I would actually like to do a product review of at some point. To keep it brief for this blog I loved this product - it made my hair so soft and supple for styling and made my hair noticeably less wild and huge when I decided not to straighten my hair! The product lasted around 3/4 months with me using it every day and my mum occasionally using it after she had her hair dyed. I even undid the spray pump to get the last bits of product out and smooth it over my hair (which still works equaly as good as the spraying method) - to me as someone with thick hair this is now a staple product in my hair care routine. I have since repurchased this spray and will continue to.
The next empty I am not so fond of is the Clean and Clear Exfoliating  Daily Wash - this has been hanging around in my shower for a while - to be honest over a year from when someone passed this to me thinking I still struggled with acne. Since I don't anymore I didn't really use it but recently I decided it was time to get it emptied and use it. I found the formula too thick and I felt like when I did use it it was clogging my pores rather than giving me a clean feeling to my skin. So I decided to use this to wash my neck with as I often get one or two little blemishes where I tend to lean my hand against my face.I can't really say I saw a noticeable change.  I will not be repurchasing this item.

Thanks for reading my first empties blog! I look forward to writing up a few more!