Friday 10 May 2013

MUA Undress Me Too palette review

For the longest time I wanted to try the MUA palette and after the persuasion of my boyfriend I picked it up and ordered the eye primer I've been wanting to try since it was out of stock! I was so eager to try this palette!

I wanted to pick up this palette as its full of neutral tones and since I don't use eye-shadow that much I kind of wanted a 'starter kit' to doing my eye make-up  This palette only comes in at £4 so I thought as far as treats go it's not to much of an expensive one! The colours each have a name which I like it makes recommending them and talking about them much easier! This palette is supposed to be a dupe for the Urban Decay naked palette so for those of you that have that palette I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments! For those interested I will be doing future reviews of other MUA palettes and in relation to this their own brand of eye primer!

Above: The MUA Undress Me Too palette

So as you can see from the above picture which I put on my Instagram, I was so eager to take pictures of this palette and play with it after I had purchased it! I sat there swatching it as did my boyfriend worryingly... Moving on! The palette comes with twelve eye-shadows and a double sided eye-shadow brush which I like to use on the odd occasion to pack on the glittery eye-shadows on the edges of my eyes, no mirror is included. The container differs from the usual MUA palettes in that it is in a clean white case, with the other MUA palettes being in a black case. To be honest since I own both I think they look just as good and having the Undress Me Too palette in white means its much easier for me to find amongst my palettes!

Above: The colours Naked, Devotion, Tranquil and Exposed and then swatched on the right with no primer

Above are pictures of the colours Naked, devotion, tranquil and exposed and to the right are swatches on my hand without any primer. Naked didn't seem to come up on my hand but I feel like on someone with a dark skin tone it would look lovely. I use naked on my eyes when I don't use any eye-shadow to powder over any eye concealer. Devotion is a lovely hint of gold which is lovely on the outer eye. Tranquil on the other hand is a very subtle hint of a brown colour whilst Exposed is a slightly glittered grey.

Above: The colours Naked, Devotion, Tranquil and Exposed on the eye with no primer, only foundation on the eye and no mascara or eye make-up on.

In the above pictures I thought I would demonstrate to you the eye-shadows on the lid with no primer on and make-up other than foundation on underneath. I also did not use any other eye make-up like mascara or eye-liner so you could just see the eye-shadows on their own merit! This goes for all the following pictures of the eye-shadows on my eyes.

First off, ignore the fallout of naked on my eye! I didn't realise until I saw the pictures afterwards! As you can see as the palette goes on the neutral tones build up intensity. Naked is perfect for an eye powder to set make-up whereas the other colours could be combined to make a more intense look!

Above: The colours Shy, Fiery, Reveal and Wink on the left and then swatched on the right with no primer

These next four colours; Shy, Fiery, Reveal and Wink are all variations on the colour gold which I love. I am especially in love with the colour Fiery currently to blend into my outer eye-shadow! The colour shy is just a slight step up from Naked with a glow to it, the colour Fiery I would describe as a rose/red gold type colour with Reveal being a golden shade of beige. Reveal on the other hand I would describe as a golden brown colour and would look really good with tanned skin.

Above: The colours Shy, Fiery, Reveal and Wink on the eye with no primer, only foundation, also with no mascara or eye make-up on

These shades on the eye I feel give more of shimmer and glitter to them. Reveal and Wink in my opinion are the perfect shades for the outer eye and for a night out look whereas Shy and Reveal are great day colours that could be used as a base for any look!

Above: The colours Lavish, Dreamy, Obsessed and Corrupt on the left and then swatched on the right with no primer

These last four colours are the darkest/deepest in the palette. Lavish and Dreamy again carry on with those gold tones but have stronger brown undertones in the eye-shadows as you can see from the swatches on my hand. This is also the case for Corrupt which although appears an intense black comes out as a smoky grey.

Above: The colours Lavish, Dreamy, Obsessed and Corrupt on the eye with no primer, just foundation, and no mascara or eye makeup on

The above pictures clearly show these lovely strong brown undertones. They allow for a lovely brown neutral look on the eye and continue the theme of the neutral tone palette.

Below a few examples of looks that I have made with this palette that I tend to wear on a regular basis. These looks have the MUA Eye primer underneath them of which I will be providing a review of soon so stick around for that!

Above: A smoky eye look with the colours Lavish on the lid and Fiery on the outer eye

One particular look I love is using Lavish all over the lid and then using Fiery on the outer lid to give a lovely glittery flick on the edge of the eye! I love this look as its subtle yet it definitely attracts attention to the eye.

Above: The colour Shy all over the lid with Devotion on the outer eye

I stuck with using a neutral tone on the eye and a shimmery colour on the outer edges of the eye again with this look. I love the appearance of a natural neutral glow that this palette offers and as I am just about getting into using eye-shadows once again this was a nice way too introduce them into my everyday make-up routine. 

Now on to my usual positives and negatives on the product!

  • Cheap as chips! £4 and available at Superdrug for those living in the UK or on the website here for others
  • A great starter palette for those wanting neutral and natural tones
  • Offers good pigmentation that is build-able
  • Palette is small and compact making it easy to carry about
  • May not be the palette for those wanting a wide variety of colours, but the other MUA palettes do contain such colours!
Over all you can't really go wrong with a £4 palette can you? This palette just further re-enforces my love for the MUA brand!

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  3. Love this palette so much. I've received this too on my MUA haul post. Love it so much that some of the colours have worn out already; only had it a couple of months! Charlotte. x

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    1. I know! If the pan sizes where as big as their one pound shadows in their palettes I would be in heaven!