Friday 3 July 2015

Beauty Bad Habits I need to break!

Hello everyone! Recently I've been thinking of slightly different posts I can write for you all! I've seen a few blog posts written by various different bloggers about their beauty bad habits so I thought I would give it a go! There are a few I am already beginning to combat but there are a few I still need to work on!

Keeping brushes clean

I've been making a concious effort lately to wash my brushes more... See my Instagram as proof! I do think though that this is something I'll have to keep working on. I currently wash them every other week. Really I need to wash them each week! My skin isn't too bad at the moment so I need to try and maintain this!

Keeping my vanity and collection tidy

We've all been there. Frantically getting ready for the day ahead and chucking things into whichever drawer then can just about fit in. Recently I've had a massive clear out and organise of my entire collection. Now everything is exactly where I want it and I intend to keep it like that!

Skipping on skincare

I'm actually pretty good at moisturising my body. On days that I miss putting make-up on, however, I completely forget about serums and moisturisers for my face which is a big no no. It can mean there are a good few days in the week I miss skincare. Considering I spend an arm and a leg on skincare I should really put it to better use!

Buying more and more

Again this is another thing I have began working on as frankly it does nothing but waste money. With the recent clear out of my collection I am very up to date with what I have too much of and what I don't actually have a lot of in my collection. Other than replacements and back ups of regularly used products I have been good at not buying in new make-up lately! Something that has helped me is using my old Soap & Glory Christmas gift set bags to store replacements. That way I know exactly what I need to pick up!

What are your beauty bad habits? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. I also have trouble with buying too much makeup - half of which I don't end up wearing because there's so much to choose from! I did a beauty ban for a couple of months last year where I only bought essentials and I was amazed at how much money I managed to save from it!

    Maddie //

  2. Overstocking is mine. I have recently calmed myself down on what I actually need to buy a million back ups of and am now only buying back ups of skincare that I used all the time, but make-up items I'm only trying to keep one back up of the things I always like to have, such as foundation, concealer & mascara, and anything else I'll only replace if I've used the entire thing up.