Tuesday 30 September 2014

*Sponsored Post - How to Transform your Day Make-Up into Night Make-Up*

I know that in an ideal world we would all have the time to go home 
after a hard day, take a nice soothing bath and start afresh with 
dazzling make-up ready to dance the night away. Unfortunately not many 
people actually live in the ideal world, well, not many that I know anyhow.
Here are a few tips to transform your subtle day make-up into sparkling 
night make-up without going right back to square one.
The Face
You need a clean canvas before you can paint any kind of professional 
picture – and if you want your make-up to stand the test of time and 
look as fresh and fabulous as it did when you applied it then pay 
special attention to the skin. Your foundation is not going to be great 
after 8 hours work so it is going to need a bit of touching up to say 
the least but – you can’t apply fresh foundation to oily skin because 
that will affect the color of the foundation (which you have naturally 
taken great care to match to your complexion). If you carry a little 
blotting paper with you to blot any excess oil from your skin it will 
make a heap of difference. Foundation sticks are great for applying your 
make-up on the go because they can double up as foundation and 
concealer. Pat in the places you need to pat (particularly beneath the 
eyes) and then seal it with another clean piece of blotting paper for a 
smooth, silky finish.
Face - The Salon Outlet
The Eyes
This is one area which can make an enormous difference when you are 
transforming your subtle day look into a dazzling night time beauty. One 
fabulous idea is to start off the day with a light, smoky make-up for 
the office and simply darken it up a bit for the night time. You can use 
almost any color for this so have a play and go with whatever suits you 
the best. Darken up the smoky color then place the highlighter in the 
center of the eyelid and blend it gently towards the corners to create a 
layered look which draws light and shimmer to the eyes.
It’s also a great idea to thicken up your eye liner or even transform 
your daytime line to a dramatic cats eye – sweeping slightly upwards at 
the outer corners. This not only makes you look fabulous but also more 
Eyes - The Salon Outlet
The Lips
The lips are the other important features which need to be transformed 
from day to night. Whatever colour you choose be sure to apply gently 
during the daytime and blot it for a subtle effect but as soon as you 
are in the mood to party saturate the lips with your chosen colour before 
blotting. It’s all about depth of colour really – the more lipstick you 
apply the deeper your colour will be.
In order to prevent this saturated lipstick from bleeding around the 
edges of the lips, always use a lip liner to seal the edges and never 
apply the lipstick straight from the stick – use a lip brush (there are 
plenty of which will do just fine) and dab the colour into the centre 
of the lips before drawing out towards the edges. This will help your 
lipstick to stay bright and bold for the night ahead.
Lips - The Salon Outlet
There’s a good selection of makeup brushes available at http://thesalonoutlet.com which are 
perfect to carry around in your makeup bag for when you are ready to 
make the transformation.
*This is a sponsored blog post for The Salon Outlet*
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