Monday 17 June 2013

Real Techniques Expert Face Brush review

Like I said in my review of the Real techniques core essentials brush set which you can see here, I am absolutely in love with the Real techniques range. I, as I'm sure all of you have, have heard a lot about the Expert Face brush. One thing that really appealed to me is how flawless it left foundation looking in all the tutorials I have seen - the ability to make the skin looked flawless, photo ready and pretty much air brushes with just the use of a brush with a product is amazing! So is all the hype earned by this brush? The answer, yes 100%. 

Above: Real Techniques Expert Face Brush

One thing I do like is how professional the packaging is. Briefly searching through the rack holding up these brushes I realized that all the packaging was in perfect condition meaning its strong so your brush, if you ordered it online, won't get damaged which is good. It's those little things like making the packaging strong that add up. Anyway as you can see this brush holds up to the other Real Techniques brushes and has the name of the brush on the packaging as well as on the Ferell of the brush. The brush bristles again are the same density and softens that I found with the core collection which is fantastic! The handle has a lovely curve to it which is perfect for the positioning of the hand and the bad is flat so if ever you want to stand it on your vanity for display or whilst doing your makeup you can.

I purchased this at boots for £9.99 and to be honest I think it's worth the investment on just the one brush. If you would like to take a look at the brush on the boots website click here. Similarly if you would like to check out the Real Techniques website click here.  If you can only go for one brush in the whole Real Techniques range I would choose this one! Not only could you use this to blend foundation you could also use it to apply your setting powder. Admittedly £10 could be seen as a lot on one makeup brush but comparing to the likes of MAC that charge 30/40 pounds for one brush it is actually reasonable

Above: The Real Techniques Expert face brush and me using the brush to blend

I find the best way to use this with my foundation is to dot the foundation on my skin with my fingers then with a circular motion blend the product out. Much like the Core Collection brushes this brush is so dense hardly any product gets absorbed in to the brush hairs meaning you get more bang for your buck as far as your products go which is always  good thing!

The thing I love about these brushes is they not only allow for a flawless application of your make-up but they also in the long run save you money because you are able to use more of the product on your face and skin. I have even found myself using less product because this brush actually disperses the product more evenly on to the skin.

So is there any fallout?

Well once again no, none. I have washed this twice, once after I bought the brush and once after a weeks use and there was no fallout during any of the washes or during uses. I absolutely love these brushes!

  • Fantastic quality
  • Dense bristles that are also soft
  • Professional packaging
  • Blends foundation and powder flawlessly          

  • £9.99 could be steep for one brush for some

Really so far the only negative so far I have found with the Real Techniques brushes is that there price can be a bit steep for those who are younger or would rather invest £30 on a brush roll full of brushes as I have done. But personally I think the price is worth it for the quality and with this brush £9.99 is a bargain!

So have you used these brushes? Are you going to get them? What do you think of them? Let me know in the comments below!

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