Monday 10 June 2013

21st Birthday look

Hey guys! So first off, sorry for the lack of blog activity this weekend and the lack of the usual Sunday blog post! As I mentioned in previous blog posts this weekend was my 21st birthday, the 9th of June, so for three days I have been out of the house, going out and pretty much draining my local pubs and clubs of their alcohol one drink at a time! So I thought I'd do a little blog post on what I wore for the Friday and Saturday nights out!
Above: Left, Friday nights outfit and right, Saturday nights outfit!

So the first night on Friday was our pre night out. The Friday night photo is on the left sorry for the dark lighting! The dress I actually got last year, I didn't buy a new dress for the Friday because to be honest I didn't think it would be a proper night out; so I just went dressed nicely! The dress was from new look last year and my lace ballet pumps were from new look this year. I also got bought a birthday girl sash by my mum and threw on a cropped cardigan that I got from Dorothy Perkins years ago.

As for the main night on the Saturday I wore a white and black patterned dress with cut out sections on the sides just under the bust. This dress was from Primark and was about 15 pound I believe. I also got my jewellery from there so it all only cost me £20! I used heels I already owned which are from new look last year once again and only had a four inch heels since I'm pretty tall naturally. And again I wore my little cropped cardigan since the heat was intense on both nights! I was worried about this dress because of showing my sides but after seeing the pictures in the morning I really do like how it looked and I won't be worried about dresses with cut outs anymore! 

Above: what I wore on the Sunday day and a close up of Fridays dress.

The right photo shows me before the whole weekend looking rested! Ah before the wild weekend! As for Sunday, when I looked absolutely knackered, I wore this lovely off white/ slightly pink laced dress by Dorothy Perkins (seen on the left) which my dad bought me for my birthday! I loved it it was very light for the hot weather and was feminine but covered me and was modest! It also went with the locket my mum, dad and nan bought me for my birthday. I was a very lucky girl! 

So thanks for understanding about the blog posts over the weekend! Things back to normal this week!

When is your birthday? What do you plan to wear/ what did you wear? 


  1. Great post! You look great! Found you on dazzledust08 blog!

    I've subscribed and I just started a blog up last night so would love it if you could subscribe back! thanx :)

    1. Hello just checked out your blog I couldn't work out where to subscribe on it! If you get back to me I will though! Good luck with the blog!