Wednesday 9 December 2015

18 weeks pregnant & 3rd Anniversary Meal at Gustos

18 weeks pregnant

I'm slightly late with this blog post. As it stands I am now 19 and a half weeks pregnant! However I thought I would give a little update on how I am getting on anyway. The above picture was taken just as me and Gaz were leaving for our anniversary meal when I was 18 weeks. I'm getting a bump now which is lovely and something which a lot of people have commented on. I've actually graduated to maternity leggings which, oh my word, are the most comfiest thing ever. I may never wear normal leggings again! 

I'm beginning to feel tickles which is lovely and the odd few sensations which I think are kicks! I have my next scan on the 14th to find out if little bump is a boy or a girl. That is if little baby behaves and allows us to see!

Luckily I'm out of the tired faze which a lot of you may have noticed I was in for a while. I suffered awful morning sickness for a good few months. After that I could barely eat much which left me very low energy. I'm a lot better now thankfully. I also have a lot more motivation to blog now!

Craving wise? I'm mad for beef with gravy all over it. Also Fab lollies (I'm eating one as I type this). So nothing really consistent! 

As far as purchases we have bought a lot however I'm planning to do a separate post on that! Anyway lets get on with the main bulk of the post! Mine and Gaz's third anniversary meal.

3rd Anniversary Meal at Gustos

As always we decided to head to Liverpool to eat at Gustos which is on Liverpool Docks. We have done this ever since our first anniversary. If you ever get the chance to have a meal at Liverpool I highly suggest choosing Gustos. Liverpool was fully decked out for Christmas along with Christmas market stalls so I was well and truly in the festive mood that night! In fact I put my tree up the next day!

3rd Anniversary Meal at Gustos

We arrived pretty early as we usually do so we decided to have a relax and a few drinks in the lounge type area whilst we waited for our table.

3rd Anniversary Meal at Gustos

Gaz had his usual pint. Of course I can't drink so I had a lovely mocktail. This particular one was a lovely strawberry and banana mix. There mocktails were jam packed with fruit so I felt that it was not only a treat but also pretty good for me!

3rd Anniversary Meal at Gustos

When we were seated I decided to go for the spaghetti bolognese which was delicious and the perfect portion size for me. Ever since becoming pregnant I can't deal with large portion sizes!

3rd Anniversary Meal at Gustos

Gaz went for the lasagne which he has had before and loves. This is one of his favourites so he seems to go for it over and over again!

3rd Anniversary Meal at Gustos

We also had some garlic bread to share! Overall Gustos was once again lovely. The service is always fantastic and quick. The seating is always so lovely no matter where you are sat in the restaurant. During December it is always so romantically and festively decorated. Myself and Gaz can't fault it and have a lovely time each time we go.

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  1. All the best on your journey Claire, hope to see updates soon