Monday 24 February 2014

L'oreal Super Liner Eyebrow Pencil and Wax - Review

Hello everyone! Hope you are all doing well! Recently I have been really in to getting my eyebrows perfect. I never used to even touch my eyebrows other than plucking them and now I really enjoy trying out new products to get my brows looking fuller. My most recent try was the Loreal Super Liner Eyebrow Pencil and Wax. I tried this in the shade dark brunette as to be honest it looks like such a deep brown/black colour that it was perfect to go with my dark black hair.

Loreal Super Liner Eyebrow Pencil and Wax

On one end of the pencil you get your eyebrow pencil and on the other end you get a wax that you can set your eyebrows with which is a nice added bonus. You also get a little eyebrow brush to blend out the product.

Loreal Super Liner Eyebrow Pencil on the eyebrows

To me this pencil is great at creating a lovely natural looking brow but it has the multi purpose of creating a stronger brow. With small strokes you can create natural looking hairs to make your brows look fuller. However if you want a striking/stronger look then it can definitely give you that with just a bit more pressure to the pencil rather than strokes. The key to this product and any other eyebrow product in my opinion is having a little bit of a play around and seeing how you can achieve the look you want. For a more subtle brow I let the pencil lose its sharpened tip and apply little strokes of the pencil to my brow. For a stronger brow I make sure the pencil is sharpened, outline the edges of my brow then blend this in to the centre of my eyebrows. I then touch it up with strokes through my brow and then again blend it out. I always use the blender on any eyebrow pencil as to be honest on a hurried work day who has time to find ANOTHER brush? The brush on this pencil works great for blending!

The wax is great too. It smooths out those eyebrows and also sets the eyebrow pencil - in fact I actually use the was alongside other pencils and eyebrow products occasionally just to set it! 

The only negative of this product is that I always find it difficult to get in store so I always have to keep my eye out for it or order it online. I guess that shows how popular it is! It isn't a problem if you're like me and you're always in Boots having a look around but if you wanted to pick this up during your usual shop as a repurchase it might be a bit annoying! It is also more annoying because you can't then look at the colour of the eyebrow pencil in person which we all know is very important! Speaking of the colour, the selection is limited and I think it is limited to those that are after ashier or darker tones so that is another point to be aware of!

The price however is totally affordable at £5.49 which you can check out at Boots here. The pencil for me is still going after about a month and a half of use and I did really enjoy it . I would repurchase this and recommenced it as I really did love the product however I just love trying out new eyebrow products too!

Have you tried the L'oreal SuperLiner Eyebrow Pencil? How do you do your brows? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Haven't heard of this product before but I'm looking for an alternative to just plain pencil, this may have ticked the boxes! x

    Hannah @ FashionistaDigital

  2. Have you tried the Rimmel eyebrow pencil? And if so how does it compare to this…looking to switch from Rimmel. x x

    1. I have actually in the past and I plan on reviewing this very soon! Stay tuned!



  3. This is my current eyebrow pencil! Love it although I've just found a better one! Review going live tomorrow (if I get the post finished tonight that is!

  4. I love the sound of this! I'm going to have to keep an eye out for it! x

  5. I don't use an eyebrow pencil, but this one looks great. Thanks for sharing!

    Jasmine xx
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