Monday 1 July 2013

The Raspberry Kiss Body Butter from Treacle Moon Review

I'm a big fan of moisturizing. A weird sentence to start a review with I know... For those new readers I have mentioned in past reviews that I have eczema and I have had since birth. So whilst to some people moisturizing once a week after shaving may be annoying I myself moisturize every day just out of practice. Consequently I go through a hell of a lot of moisturizers so lucky me I get to try a whole variety of different ones. Recently I have been on the look out for a new body butter as I have recently been trying those out and whilst on a random late nigh shopping trip with the other half I discovered this. The Raspberry Kiss body butter by Treacle Moon. What originally grabbed me was how bright the packaging is (trust me it is eye catching) and I love the smell of raspberry so i thought a nice body butter in that scent, particularly before bed, would be lovely! If you go check out the Treacle Moon website here  you can go see what they're all about. Click here for The Raspberry Kiss range they offer. This body butter retails for £4.05 for 250ml of product. I bought this product from Tesco and from what I have read they exclusively sell through Tesco as well as their own website. To check them out on the Tesco website click here.

Above: The Raspberry Kiss Body Butter tub

As you can see the packaging is a big circle tub. This is the first thing I liked i looks like a lot of product or only £4 and it is! I love the idea of having a lot of product for a little price. For something I use everyday it is definitely worth the small investment. As you can see from the picture too the tubs have a  little quote on the front which is cute, it would look decorative on a vanity if you chose to leave it out! When I saw this product and saw the brand Treacle Moon I must admit I had never heard of it and I love trying out new brands so it was another plus to the product!

Above: The back packaging of the tub

When I flipped the product over one thing I was pleased to read is that this brand doesn't test on animals, always a plus! They also have a little how to use and a lovely quote reflecting the importance of inner beauty. To me its the little outer bits of the packaging that make it such a happy product!

Above: The Body Butter itself

Now on to the actual product! The body butter is a thick consistency. I am about to say the weirdest comparison ever but this product reminds me of those yogurts you eat which have a mousse like consistency? Yep weird comparison but that to me is how it feels! As you can the tub is completely full with product and I have used this none stop for just under two weeks every day - so those of you just looking for a body butter to use once a week this will definitely last a long time. The scent itself isn't blatantly obvious when you open the tub which I like, it subtly becomes a more noticeable scent the longer the tub is open. When you apply this to your skin however it is a lovely refreshing scent of raspberry that lingers on your skin and lasts for hours after application. I love the idea that my skin has a slight sweet scent to it throughout the day. The body butter itself also glides on like water and feels hydrating to the skin. The skin feels soft straight after the application but I have noticed that the usual typical dry areas for most people, the heels and the elbows, are basically the same as the rest of my skin now and not dry at all! I think I have fallen in love with this brand and would one day love to try their range of shower gels! Now lets get on to my usual positives and negatives of the product!


  • Cheap, affordable product
  • Feels hydrating to the skin with noticeable results
  • Lovely Raspberry scent
  • Doesn't test on animals
  • Not a well known brand so may be hard to spot!
  • Only Available at Tesco

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