Tuesday 30 July 2013

MUA Individual/Single Eyeshadows review

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NOTE: This blog post will also be featured as a guest blog - however I thought my regular readers may also like to view this review!

I have done a ton of reviews on MUA products so you can tell I am a pretty big fan of the range! MUA can be found in Superdrug stores and their eyeshadows can be picked up for just a £1 each! Yes that's right only a £1. You can also go check them out on their website here. For those international readers they do ship internationally so no need to worry about that!

Above: MUA eyeshadows

So far these are the MUA eyeshadows that I own. There are a total of 27 eyeshadows so far in the collection, 4 of which are in the matte collection and 23 of which are in the pearl collection. I am hoping that MUA expand on their matte collection as I prefer matte eyeshadows for the day and the pearl ones for night looks.

For the purposes of the swatches below I have only used one swatch of each color with no primer underneath so you guys can see the true pigmentation of the eyeshadows on their own.

Above: MUA Eyeshadow in Shade 1 

Shade 1, in the pearl range, I decided to pick up as it is a neutral skin toned eyeshadow and I thought it would be a nice color to use for summer to attract attention to my eyes or even as a highlight. As you can see the pigmentation for this color is really good, especially for a pound! I love the shimmer as it has an iridescent glow to it rather than an in your face glitter effect.

Above: MUA Eyeshadow in Shade 2 

This next color I actually picked up for my 21st night out look which you can check out here. My dress was black and white so I wanted a black, white and grey eyeshadow for cheap that I could create an eye look with. Shade 2 is also in the pearl range.  It does look similar to shade one in the pan, in fact at first I thought I had accidentally picked up the same one! But you can see the vibrancy of the white in the iridescent shimmer which is also found in this eyeshadow.

Above: MUA Eyeshadow in Shade 3 

Another shade from the pearl range, Shade 3. This was the grey I also picked up to use on my birthday and once again the pigmentation stays strong. I like how the pearl effect/finish on this grey is not overpowering to the color and allows the pigmentation of the color to come through!

Above: MUA Eyeshadow in Shade 9

Shade 9 from the pearl range, can I just say how pretty this looks in the pan? It looks all sparkly! I think this color looks more shimmery in the pan than it does swatched but the pigmentation is still good. I use this for smokey looks also.  I think this purple is a really pretty color! 

Above: MUA Eyeshadow in Shade 20

This is my first MUA eyeshadow in matte that I have purchased and the only one I have so far! I do hope to try some more actually because I am impressed with the solid color this has given. Again I wore this for the first time on my birthday and it stuck all night alongside the other MUA colors I used. As I mentioned at the beginning this is just one swatch and it is a pretty solid color already! I would say these eyeshadows are definitely build-able. 
Above: MUA Eyeshadow in Shade 26

The last eyeshadow I have to show you is in Shade 26 and is also from the pearl range. Again can I just say it is SO pretty in the pan! Anyway! This color is a kind of aqua or green with a hint of blue, it reminds me of the ocean really and underwater type colors. I think this is my favorite so far out of the ones I have tried. The pigmentation is great and the shimmer is not to overpowering!


So for £1 can you really go wrong? The answer, no! Honestly if you're like me and you wear eyeshadow on the odd occasion its worth picking these up rather than expensive palettes so you can save your money!


Regardless of the price, the pigmentation of these colors is really good. They are solid colors on their own without a primer. With a primer they become even more vibrant! If you check out my MUA eye primer review you will see what I mean! When you bring in the price against the quality of the pigmentation it is pretty amazing!

Staying Power

The staying power of these on their own is I would say around 2-3 hours before they begin to crease. With a primer I would say they can last up to 5-6 hours! Really I only every wear eyeshadows on nights out and then I tend to top up occasionally, but for my 21st when I wore three of these colors they stayed on my eyes from 7pm till 3am in a nightclub environment. Pretty impressive!


Overall I would totally recommend giving these a try. If you're no an eyeshadow person like me but want to try some without breaking the bank this is a fantastic option for you!

If you would like to see my reviews on the MUA palettes of eyeshadows go check them out below!


  1. I use shade 2 as my everyday eye highlight..I love the MUA eyeshadows! Never seen shade 3 before, going to make to look for that one, its gorgeous!
    Have you tried the palettes by MUA? They are AMAZING, I probably wear something from them every single day!
    Lovely post,
    Alice xxx

    1. I have tried their palettes! Here are the links to them if you'd like to read about the ones I have tried!

      MUA Undress Me Too palette - http://bellasbeautyblogs.blogspot.co.uk/2013/05/mua-undress-me-too-palette-review.html

      MUA Glamour Nights palette -

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  5. So far these are the MUA eyeshadows that I own. There are a total of 27 eyeshadows so far in the collection, 4 of which are in the matte collection and 23 of which are in the pearl collection. I am hoping that MUA expand on their matte collection as I prefer matte eyeshadows for the day and the pearl ones for night looks.
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