Thursday 11 July 2013

OOTD - July 11th

So today marks the beginning of an era for me, I finally have a full length mirror in the house. YAY! So I thought I would start doing some OOTD posts since its summer and now is the time when I feel everyone really loves to dress in lovely vibrant colors! Anyway on to the post!

Above: July 11th OOTD

So since the UK has most recently been hit with sun I am wearing just a simple brown tank top from new look and skirt from BHS which is lovely - it has sections that are floral, sequins running through it and a variety of colors. It is also multi purpose-because it is actually fairly long underneath my skirt so I could tuck my tank top in to the skirt and wear a belt with the in order to make a dress. However today since I'm off to college I thought I would wear it simple! The cardigan honestly I have had for years, embarrassingly probably since I was 12! But it is a short cardigan that can be tied round the bust but I chose to wear it loose and is cotton but has a lace type pattern so it covers my arms but shows the colors I am wearing underneath!

So there is my OOTD post! I hope to do lots more of there and hopefully some OOTN (Outfit of the Night) posts! Hope you guys liked this type of post!

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