Tuesday 2 July 2013

Natural Collection Green Corrector Stick review

Back when I very first started getting make-up I was still learning to be confident with my skin. My acne at the age of 16 was just starting to clear away but some areas where still red and irritated and some acne spots would come out red and angry and look worse than what they were. So that's when I used the good old internet to find out what exactly I could use to cover up redness. This is when I learned about color correction with the skin and how essentially applying green tinted products to red areas of the skin hides any redness. Now I know what you are thinking, green on your face... really? Well it works! So I carried on searching for these corrector sticks I had read about and I came across the oh so cheap brand of Natural Collection once again. For those of you that don't know the Natural Collection Brand is an own brand label in Boots that has a continuous offer to buy 3 products for £5 or to get each product for £1.99 each - and in this brand you can find some steals! This to me is one of those steals.

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Admittedly now I have about two or three of these laying about in cases of acne breakouts or any eczema playing up so if you do get the occasional redness or spot they are cheap enough to have in as a go to product! However when I was first using makeup this was practically my primer for over my acne and before my foundation. If you suffer from rosacea this product and others like it will be perfect for you! 

For those new to corrector sticks I will let you know how I use it:

1) Apply all your moisturizers, toners and primers as you would normally
2) Before concealer either directly with the stick or using a brush apply some of the corrector product to the red area and blend - there will be a slight green tint visible
3) Apply concealer and foundation as normal over this!

Above: Natural Collection Green Corrector stick

As you can see the product comes in a very plain container with the Natural Collection logo on. The packaging to me isn't important really for the price of £1.99 and to be honest I like the simplicity of the product. Back when i was 16 I was grateful of the cheap price and now I still am because I don't feel guilty about having it in for skin emergencies!

Much like its packaging which is comparable to that of a lipstick tube, the product is exactly the same. It comes out like a stick of lipstick, you can either apply the corrector right from the stick to your skin or you can use a brush. Personally I like to use a brush as it means germs and such are not trapped in there with the product but it is entirely up to your preference! The amount of product you get is also the size of a normal lipstick so for £1.99 that is nothing to complain about!

The product is simply named Corrector Stick so it is easy to find on the stands and as you can tell from the above swatch the product is thick in its color. The product itself feels creamy and blends easily in to the skin so for those that are worried about it being hard to blend and being left with a green looking face you don't have to worry about it!

This is a product I would recommend everyone picking up even if its just for those little skin emergencies. Don't walk past the Natural Collection stand just because it is cheap!

  • Cheap and Affordable
  • Available at all boots stores
  • Covers redness on the skin
  • A good amount of product
  • Plain packaging
  • Not available outside of the UK unless you hunt online

So have you tried any Natural Collection products yourself? Have you tried their Green corrector stick? What did you think? Let me know in the comments below!

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