Wednesday 19 June 2013

Eclipz Argan Oil review

I have been wanting to try a deep conditioner/ hair treatment for a while. My hair isn't really damaged to be honest, in fact I have been dying it black for five years since I was 16 (god I feel old now!) and its not dried out, I don't have split ends and its still very strong and thick. The reason why I wanted to invest in a hair treatment is because when I did start dying my hair I always used to use hair treatment products to make sure it was in good condition and I loved how soft and easy to style it was back then. So I started looking again and guess where I found this product? For £4 I found this Eclipz Argan Oil hair treatment in Primark! Hair treatments can be expensive so I thought the best thing would be to try cheaper ranges and then occasionally splurge on  an expensive one! The reason why this particularly caught my attention is because Argan Oil is sort of the 'new craze' for hair, skin and nail care. Its supposed to be one of those multi-purpose ingredients that is all natural so I thought this would be a nice introduction to that craze!

Above: Argan Oil Hair Treatment

As I said this was £4 in Primark. You will have to check it out in person or maybe check amazon for online stock of this i you don't lie in the UK. For £4 you get 180ml of product. The product comes in a little box that when you open it contains the tub of the hair treatment.

Above: The tub of Eclipz Argan Oil hair treatment

As you can see the color theme of yellow and brown continues on to the tub. Personally its not the best color co-ordination I have seen, it doesn't look to pretty on my vanity with all my other products but I suppose for the price you can't really nit pick on the little things. Also if you look the label is slanted but little details! It is all about the product inside so lets discuss that!

Above: The hair treatment inside the tub

The product inside is a slight pink tinted cream that you put in your hair. The cream has a light strawberry sent I would say but with that typical conditioner type smell overpowering this. Lets have a look at this products claims. It claims to 'repair and rejuvenate' the hair and is supposed to be 'super strengthening', 'hydrating' and will 'restore' the hair. This is also a product for 'dry' or 'chemically damaged hair' so it should live up to its claim of super hydrating. To use this cream you have to run it through the hair whilst it is wet and leave it in for ten minutes ( a LONG time... I know!) 

I used this product when I was two weeks away from my next hair appointment to dye it again. I get a bit of the cream in my hands and run it in-between my fingers and through the roots of my hair, then for the ends of my hair or the actual body I place the cream on the palm of my hand and apply it straight to the hair; all of this is whilst it is wet from the shower. I find it is best to then get out of the shower and do some other beauty stuff whilst I have the ten minute wait for the product!

So is that ten minute wait worth it? The answer is yes! This hair treatment left my hair so soft and it also felt like it was easier to style and much more responsive to my straighteners; by which I mean it got pin straight! On days where I let my hair be natural it made it feel so soft and hydrated it was like I had literally fed my hair! As far as any negatives? Well I just hate that it has to be on for ten minutes. Any less and my hair still feels soft but doesn't last till it has been dried which is annoying! But I suppose since its £4 I'm willing to let the time factor slide to continue using it!

  • Cheap
  • Nice pleasant scent
  • A lot of product for the price
  • 10 minute waiting time
  • A Primark range so minimal availability

So do you use any hair treatments? Have you tried Argan Oil? What are your opinions? Let me know in the comments!


  1. I love the range of haircare products in Primark. Especially the HASK hair oil.. it's a little miracle worker, and only £2.50!!! xx

    Gemma ♥ | Ɱiss Ɱakeup Ɱagpie

    1. Thanks for the comment! This is my first time taking a look at their hair care products range so I will have to look further in to their other products!



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