Monday 3 June 2013

Soap and Glory Sugar Crush Fresh and Foamy Body Wash review!

I'm the type of person that loves having a lovely body wash for in the shower. Something that lathers up nice and thick and has a really lovely scent. I have recently been in love with a lot of the Soap and Glory products so I thought I would give it a whirl. I'm so glad I did because I love this! I picked this up for £6.50 at boots for a massive 500ml bottle! Yes it is massive and it will last such a long time! To find out about the product on the Soap & Glory website click here.

Above: Soap & Glory Sugar Crush body wash

So how do I use this product?

1) First I wet up my Soap & Glory loofa
2) Then I take my bottle of body wash and squirt three to four pumps of the product on my loofah
3) Loofa away with the body wash!

Three to four pumps manages to cover and clean all of my body and lathers up wonderfully. In fact it has such a lather that on the rare occasion I choose to have a bath over a shower I can use the same amount of pumps to create a bubble bath! 

Now on to the smell, the smell must be the most appealing thing about this product. It has such a wonderful fresh citrus smell that is so refreshing when you smell it. It is one of my favourite smelling scents!I also love how Soap and Glory have adopted the '2 minute rinse' on their bath and shower products in order to save water. They also don't test on animals!

I just absolutely love the fresh scent of this body wash and using it once or even twice a day helps my body and skin feel fresh and smell fresh! If you are a fan of the Soap & Glory range and a fan of citrus smelling products try this out! 

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