Sunday 16 June 2013

Real Techniques Core Essentials Brush set review

Above: The Real Techniques Core Collection brush set (Excuse the dirty-ness of the brushes!)

When I first saw these brushes on the make-up artist scene I knew I would want to try them. Okay admittedly I have a full set of make-up brushes and I don't really need these but after I saw the quality of the brushes and the flawless finish they gave on others I couldn't wait to get them as a birthday treat. In fact I loved these so much I got the expert face brush, of which I have reviewed here. However I am getting ahead of myself! Lets get on with the review!

First a little back story on these brushes. These brushes are designed by you-tuber Samantha Chapman or Pixiwoo on youtube. I must admit didn't really subscribe to her till I bought these brushes and had heard about her through peoples reviews of these brushes. If you would like to checkout the Real Techniques website click here

Above: The Real Techniques Core Collection brush set package

As I said bought these after my 21st as a little treat as they are more than I would usually like to pay for just four make-up brushes. These four brushes with the stand/case came to £21.99. Usually I wouldn't even think of buying something like this for that price but in this instance, the quality of the brushes have definitely made it worth every penny I invested. If you are interested go check these brushes out here. One thing I would like to say about all these brushes which I love is that they are so soft but with such dense bristles. After a wash this still remains the same and the shape of the brushes stay exactly the same too. 

Above: The back of the packaging, explaining each brush

One thing I like about this set without even opening it is the explanations it offers on the back. For those wanting just a few brushes these sets by Real techniques allow for an explanation of each brush and its use. As you can see in this set comes a Detailer brush, a Pointed foundation brush, a Buffing brush and a Contour brush. Each of the brushes have their name on the ferrell of the brush which again for new users of brushes is a help and for those of us grabbing make-up brushes out of containers in the morning with a frazzled mind!

Above: The Real Techniques Core essentials Buffing brush

First off the buffing brush. I must admit I have always wanted a buffing brush. The flawless finish these brushes give to your skin is lovely so I was keen to seen how the Real Techniques buffing brush would hold up. This brush picks up the powder lovely and disperses pretty much all of the product on your skin. The thing I love about all of these brushes is that they are dense in thickness but so soft! The density of these brushes means less of the product goes in the brush and ends up on your skin. The finish is a flawless finish on the skin and gets rid of any cakeyness on the skin.
Above: On the left the Pointed foundation brush and on the right the Detailer brush

So these two I was kind of so-so about. I already have a pretty good foundation brush so I wasn't sure about trying another. This one is pretty good, does what every foundation brush does only absorbs less of the product. But since I love my other foundation brush I use this to blend in my concealer. The foundation brush is smaller than others I have used which is why I prefer to use it to blend in my concealer. The pointed end also allows you to get concealer into every nook and cranny of your face. As for the detailer brush this is a multi-purpose brush that can be used for concealer or even lipstick. For me I find it perfect to apply my Maybelline tattoo shadows because the gel seems to pack on well with a smaller brush. Really it is up to you how you use this brush but I like it for my eyes! Personally I love how this brush is solid but it is also soft and for the likes of me that has eczema and sensitive skin it is perfect. 

Above: The Real Techniques Contour brush

I love this brush too. Again I have wanted a contour brush for a while as I use bronzer to contour my nose and cheekbones. I love this brush to do that it fits right into the gaps of your face and under the bone in order to easily blend the product into the face to contour. Again this brush is so dense but so soft! 

I would recommend this set even just for the Buffing brush and the Contour brush. I can't go a day without using these brushes and I love them!

Fallout of brush hair?

I can tell you now there is absolutely no fall out from these brushes. I have washed them twice; once after I bought them and once after I had used them for a week. Through both washes there was absolutely no fall out of hair and none whatsoever as I was using them! I was impressed!


  • Four brushes with a holder - for around £20 makes a great starter set and potentially a good birthday or Christmas gift
  • Each brush works incredibly well for its purpose
  • The brushes themselves are sturdy but lightweight to hold
  • All the bristles on every brush are so soft but so dense!
  • The case is easy to clean with just a wet towel or wipe
  • The case allows for easy display of the brushes
  • No fall out of hair


  • £20 may seem a bit steep for just 4 brushes and a case

Edit: So a few people have let me know its slightly cheaper over at Amazon! Go check out Amazon if you are interested in these brushes and thank you to the wonderful people letting me know!


  1. I have just ordered this set from America (they were half price!) along with some other Real Techniques brushes, can't wait for them to arrive :) Great review, it has just made me impatient for mine to get here!

    1. Oh wow cool :)

      I hae the expert face brush too and plan on getting the powder brush but they are an excellent set of brushes!


  2. I never thought to use the small foundation brush for my color tattoos, that's quite a good tip. I got mine a lot cheaper from America too. you can get them from amazon a little cheaper also

    Sam xxx

    1. Thank you! To be honest I only discovered it when I was in a rush applying them and quickly grabbed any brush! But hey it works! If you likes this review I have a review on the Core brush set by Real Techniques!

      And thank you both for the amazon tip, I will put this in the blog post as an edit!