Monday 2 September 2013

The many uses of Vaseline!

Hello everyone! So rather than writing a review today I thought I would blog about a product we all probably have in some way or another, either in a small tin or a massive tub of the stuff, Vaseline. Vaseline is one of those necessity buys that everyone needs really because there are so many uses for it and I'm going to let you in on the many ways I use it!

1. Lip balm - This is pretty much the standard use that everyone uses Vaseline for. What I like to do is apply some every morning when I wake up or when I am doing my make-up then some before bed just so I remember to hydrate my lips at some point during the day.

2. Cuticle oil - If you guys follow my blog you will know that I am in to my nail art and always have my nails painted. Lately I have been using Vaseline as moisturizer for the cuticles to keep them hydrated.

3. Eyelash conditioner/Make-up Remover - I think the world and its grandmother has heard this tip! Occasionally (about once a month) I like to sleep with some of this on my eyelashes to help condition them. You can also use Vaseline to help remove stubborn mascara or eyeliner at the base of the eyelash. This is a god send if you wear heavy performance make-up.

4. Foot cream - Yes you read that right; foot cream. Lately I have seen so many people say they use this as a foot cream so I gave it a try and yes it does work! Just rub some on to your feet and then put bed socks on! Simple as!

5. Dry elbows - For those of you that fake tan this was a tip I heard through the grape vine. If you have dry elbows put a little Vaseline on; this helps to moisturize the elbows pretty quickly!

6. Mix with sugar to make a lip scrub - In need of a lip scrub? Just mix a bit of Vaseline with some sugar and scrub away!

7. Use as a mask around the hairline to prevent dyes e.t.c going on the skin - For those of you that treat/dye your hair at home this is a good one! Apply a little Vaseline round the hair line to ensure that any hair products stay on your hair!

8. Prevent blisters whilst wearing heels - This one was a god send to me back when I was 18. If you find you get blisters whilst wearing heels in certain areas apply a little Vaseline there - it prevents friction and also the blisters! 

So there you go! I hope you guys enjoyed these tips! How do you guys use Vaseline? Let me know some more tips in the comments if you have any! Let us all in to them!


  1. Very useful post girl. I did a beauty tricks an tips post including the vasaline xx

  2. Iv used vasline for years for all different thing but never thought to use it as a scrub which is funny because I suffer with really dry lips

  3. Vaseline is one of those must have products. I use vaseline for lip scrubs, skin protection when I dye my hair, and makeup remover. Loved the rest of your tips xx

  4. ahh the blister tip is so helpful! defo using that one soon! love your blog, following on gfc & bloglovin'! would love it if you could check out mine :) xx

  5. ahaha this has to be my mum's favourite product for literally anything! <3