Monday 16 September 2013

The Co-operative nail polish remover - A steal at £1!

The Co-operative Nail Polish Remover

Hello guys! Hope you are all doing very well! Today I thought I would post on a product which I found by accident really. As you guys know if you follow my blog I really love painting my nails. Recently I have been going through a lot of nail polish remover and nail polish to me is one of those products you don't want to be spending a bomb on; it's practically a staple product. So I've been on the search for relativity cheap nail polish removers that actually work! This is a steal at £1! In some CO-OP's I've also seen it for 95p! It does the job and does it quickly! Yes it has that typical nail polish remover smell but it does the job and for cheap! So if you are after a no nonsense, cheap and simple nail polish remover I'd check out the CO-OP!

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  1. is this sold at the co-op food still?? also ily!!!! <3