Friday 26 April 2013

Superdrug Mud Masks Review

Hey guys! Thought I'd write a review on an own brand product this time! Today its Superdrugs own variety of Mud masks! Let me give you a little background here... I use mud masks mostly to tone my skin and help with my t-zone (it helps my skin to stop being so oily there for a few days). For me since I use a mud mask each week I don't want to be spending above and beyond for mud masks as truth be told they all mostly do the same thing unless they are really bad... Superdrug mud masks come in at only £2.59 for a 75ml container. One of these usually last me about 3 or four months doing a face mask once or twice weekly (twice if I'm randomly bored on the odd week!) I have tried 3 of the 4 available. The only I have not tried is the sensitive mud mask they make. Since my skin on my face isn't too sensitive I don't think it would be too benificial for me.

Above: Superdrug Mud therapy; Rasberry Exfoliating mud mask

This is the mud mask I have most recently tried. I LOVE the smell of this one and I like the idea of it ex-foliating at the same time so I don't have to do that. The only bit that I don't like about this mask is the lazy side of me that when I wipe this off outside of the shower the ex-foliating beads go everywhere; so I choose to take these off in the shower when I apply them. This leaves my skin feeling soft, toned and ex-foliated.
Above: Appearance of the mask on your skin

For your interest; above is a picture of this masks appearance on the skin (those bumps aren't acne or my skin they are the beads!)

Above: Superdrug Mud mask in Aloe Vera Deep cleansing

This is a mask I have just actually emptied and completley finished up. What I like about this mask is that it includes Aloe Vera but doesn't reek of the stuff, it just has a slight smell. It also dries quickly and has a very nice feel on the skin

Above: The finish of this mask on the skin

As you can see this face mask dries very solidly and is easily removed. I like that when this mask dries it doesn't dry out the skin as well, it just dries indicating that the time for it to be on the face has passed. This can be easily removed using a face cloth however I prefer to take my masks off in the shower so that is my usual method of removal with this mask. 

Above: Superdrug Mud Therapy Deep Cleansing mud mask

And finally the Superdrug Mud Therapy Deep Cleansing mud mask. This is the mud mask that most reminds me of those old fashioned masks that actually look like mud on the face. This is basically the no frills attached version of the mask for if you just want a basic mask. This is the next one I will be working on finishing up as its almost empty as you can tell from the picture. But from the months of use I've gotten from this I'm in love with it as I am with the others! Once again this mask tones the skin leaving it matte looking and removing any grease!
Above: How the cream looks applied (On my hand as I haven't used this one in a while!)

As you can see from this picture the mask has a classic mud mask look to it which I like. Definitely a recommendation to those of you wanting a basic mud mask or an ideal mud mask to buy for you and your friends before nights out/sleepovers and things like that!

So what are my overall thoughts on this product?

  • Cheap! If you wanted to buy all four (including the sensitive skin one I didnt review) it would cost you just over £10; similar to the salon cost of one facial
  • The containers lasts for months
  • They products leave your skin feeling fresh up to seven days after use
  • They help to soften and tone the skin
  • Helps clear the complexion colour of your skin
  • Easily available in the UK
  • Not available to those in the US
  • Tops of bottles can get messy, keep on top of cleaning them!
  • If you choose to use a face flannel to take the masks off, it will be all over the flannel but a quick dunk in the sink or wash does remove this
Overall I love these products! I will update this blog post if I manage to use the sensitive skin one! For now I hope you all decide to give this mask a try! Bye guys!

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