Monday 22 April 2013

MUA Nail Constellations review!

So I have been getting really into my nail art lately. One small fact about me is that my nails are always painted. However recently I've been trying products out like MUA nail constellations. Check out below for my review!

Above: MUA Nail Constellations in Leo (Left) and Pisces (Right) 

Above is a picture of the two varieties of this product I decided to try as they included colours I wear alot and like. The two I chose were Leo and Pisces. I bought these at Superdrug for £3 each! As you can probably tell they are all named after star signs! For this review I chose to demonstrate Leo for you.

Above: MUA Nail Constellations on my ring finger with Rimmel London 60 seconds polish in 'Funtime Fushia on my other nails

The above picture was taken just after the constellations were applied and this picture is with flash. To apply the product is simple. You paint the base of your nail with a colour that closely matches the constellations you are working with ( I chose Rimmel London 60 seconds polish in the colour Funime Fuchia) and then you sprinkle the constellations over! Simple! However one thing you should note about these is that you cannot apply a top coat to them! For some reason it strips the colour of the beads, so I would advise not to pply a top coat!

Above: MUA Nail Constellations the next day with an applied top coat 

As you can see the next day a few beads had fallen off and I changed my other nails a bit to make it less bright. I had also tried a top coat on the beads and as you can tell it dulled the colour. If you don't want to lose the colour of the product I would suggest to leave applying a top coat to the nail you have applied constellations to! 

Overall here are my outlined positives and negatives to this product!

  • Creates a unique look
  • Creates a colourful accent nail
  • The staying power is okay for a night out
  • Although it looks like a small amount if you use them on one accent nail it lasts for a long time
  • At £3 each they are cheap and cheap enough to give a go!
  • Isn't very practical, I usually apply this as an accent nail for a night out and then remove it the next day and paint that nail the same as the others again
  • When removing them it can be a bit messy with all the constellations!
  • Can be messy to begin with but you get the hang of it
My overall recommendation of this product is to use these for a night out, they look interesting and will definitely stand out against all those French tip manicures!

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